Strange Relationship - Prince - Crystal Ball (CD)

Prince's Estate and Warner Records have confirmed a release date of September 25, While deluxe and reissues are not allowed on Has It Leaked, the amount of unreleased content is probably grounds for an exception. Disc 1: Remastered Album Record One 1. Play in the Sunshine 3. Housequake 4. The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker 5.

Starfish and Coffee 7. Slow Love 8. Hot Thing 9. Forever in My Life. U Got the Look 2. If I Was Your Girlfriend 3. Strange Relationship 4. The Cross 6. Hot Thing Extended Remix Hot Thing Dub Version. Disc 4: Vault, Part 1 1. Teacher, Teacher version 3. All My Dreams 4. Can I Play with U? Miles Davis 5. Wonderful Day original version 6. Strange Relationship original version 7. Visions 8. The disc closes with "Strays of the World". Like the opening track, "Interactive", "Strays of the World" was featured in Glam Slam Ulysses and was later planned to be on the Come album.

The generally positive track bears some resemblance to Queen 's " Bohemian Rhapsody " in combining rock with classical styles. The number was tailored for the Glam Slam Ulysses and appears operatic in parts. The song ends with a wild guitar solo and Prince whispering, "Come". The third disc opens with a live version of " Days of Wild ". Punchier than the unreleased studio recording, the funk song is extended by several minutes for instrumental jamming and audience participation.

The song is actually several rap verses against violence, and Prince bragaddociously referring to his musical style. The NPG Operator speaks at the end to introduce the next song — "Welcome to the dawn, you have just accessed The experimental track combines funk and jazz and tells the tale of a man who tells his ex, "If U break my heart one more time, it'll be the last heart U ever break".

A scream of "What am I gonna do? The title refers to the vagina, which apparently Prince can't stop thinking about. The choruses contain a consistent repeat of "poom poom poom The song is an outtake from Emancipation and is a funk number driven by a pulsating drum machine pattern recycled from the song "Big Fun" on NPG's "Exodus" album.

It begins with delicate piano, gradually adding more instruments. Unlike the previously performed version, this one ends with a searing, lengthy guitar solo. The rapped number makes several humorous references to "boning" meaning sex such as "freak U 2 the marrow" and "the Bone Ranger". Following the rap is "The Ride". The blues-fueled song originates from and has been played many times over the years. This recording was from a live performance in and gives Prince the chance to stretch out on a lengthy guitar solo.

At the song's conclusion, it leads immediately into "Get Loose", a mostly instrumental reworking of "Loose" from Come. The only prominent line is "Lemme see that body get loose! Next up is a remix of "P. Control", with the original opening The Gold Experience. The music is jazzy and playful with funky horns from Eric Leeds and Atlanta Bliss. The disc and the album end with "Goodbye", a ballad originally intended for Emancipation.

Sung in falsetto, the song is musically very reminiscent of the other Emancipation ballads. The arrangements are mainly based around the acoustic guitar, augmented with elaborate production effects, multi-layered vocals, and occasional percussion and percussive effects.

A CD single was released prior to the album consisting of the album's first two tracks. Received 20 Likes on 19 Posts. Like the album itself these have all been remastered by Bernie Grundman. As well as the two big boxes, 3CD and 4LP packages offer remastered album alongside the single mixes, edits and B-sides while the album-only editions come on limited 2LP peach-coloured vinyl and 2CD. Once the 2LP peach vinyl is gone, it will be replaced with a black vinyl version.

Fans will be well aware that the super deluxe editions are now out of print less than a year after release. The vinyl sets will come with a download code! View Public Profile. Find More Posts by gerrythedon. Sonny Corinthos. Received 53 Likes on 38 Posts. I would love to have it, but that's way out of my price range. Find More Posts by Sonny Corinthos. Received 38 Likes on 28 Posts. Originally Posted by gerrythedon. The following users liked this post:.

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It was revisited on November 6th when Prince shelved the Camille album and expanded the project into a triple album (Crystal Ball). Eric Leeds added Saxophone to it at this time. However, it didn't last long as a Crystal Ball song, as Prince recorded Adore on November 20th, which then replaced Crucial on the album.

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  1. Strange Relationship is the third track on the second disc of Prince ’s ninth album Sign O’ The Times. In , a live version was included as part of NPG Ahdio Show # 4, and the same version was offered as an individual download in In , a live version was also included as the sixth track on the second disc of One Nite Alone.
  2. Camille. (unreleased album) Crystal Ball is an unreleased triple-album by Prince (although planned for release under the pseudonym Camille), and was compiled on 30 November , using tracks from the abandoned Dream Factory and Camille albums which had been worked on earlier in the year. Other than the title track, it is entirely different to the triple-CD release Label(s): Paisley Park Records / Warner .
  3. Crystal Ball can be traced to late with what would be Prince and The Revolution 's final album, Dream Factory. Since Purple Rain's release, each successive album became more of a collaborative effort between Prince and band members Wendy and Lisa in addition to full band performances on certain songs. Dream Factory evolved quickly from a 9-track single album to Genre: R&B, pop, rock, funk.
  4. Camille was canceled, but most of the tracks, including "Strange Relationship", were absorbed into a 3-LP opus called Crystal Ball, due for a late release. Warner Bros. Records forced Prince to trim the album from three to two LPs which became Sign “☮” the Times, and "Strange Relationship" finally saw an official Pop.
  5. Sep 03,  · I partially disagree with the other reviewer's statement that this is the album Crystal Ball finally being released (in a strange format). Rather, I think the title Crystal Ball was used primarily to appeal to Prince's audience who knew of the Crystal Ball; that, and that so much bootlegged material derives from CB sessions (some of which, but really very little, /5(54).
  6. Strange Relationship (original version) Visions The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker (with horns) Witness 4 The Prosecution (version 1) Power Fantastic (live in studio) And That Says What? Love And Sex A Place In Heaven (Prince vocal) Colors Crystal Ball (7” mix) Big Tall Wall (version 1) Nevaeh Ni Ecalp A In A Large Room With No Light Vault, Part 2.
  7. Jun 25,  · A massive deluxe reissue of Prince's classic album "Sign O' the Times" is due in September, with 63 bonus tracks and two full concerts. and “Crystal Ball,” a triple-album version that.
  8. Standard 4 disc "Fat Boy" CD case "Crystal Ball" is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks, recorded between - "The Truth" was .

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