Poor Boy Down - M1ke + The Mechan1c5* - Living Years (Vinyl, LP, Album)

April October Duet with Kate Bush. June November Only 12 inch and cassette singles issued. Virgin PGSC April Also released in limited edition of 2, flip top cigarette style silver boxes. March Also released in limited edition gold box. There exists a promo-only version of "Don't give up", released for promotion in UK.

I think it contains various versions of this track. I don't have it. Virgin GAIL Digging in the Dirt 2. Digging in the Dirt instrumental 3.

Quiet Steam non-album track. Digging In The Dirt 2. Digging In The Dirt instrumental 3. Quiet Steam 4. Charisma German language version of third album. Charisma German language version of fourth album. In October full double CD released. A film soundtrack of World War II film footage, linked to Beatles songs, performed by various artists. Riva RVLP2. The Bristol Recorder. Volume 2, released January Peter Gabriel contributed three tracks to the Talking Magazine.

Bristol Recorder BR Music and Rhythm, released July WEA K Against All Odds, released April Let the Children Play, released April A charity double album in aid of the British Peace Camps, the most prominent being the women of Greenham Common. Gabriel contributed Exposure.

Panic Peace l. Raindrops Pattering on Banana Leaves, released June WOMAD Gremlins - Original Soundtrack, released October Gabriel contributed Out Out. Sometimes a Great Notion, released November A charity album for the British Deaf Association. Gabriel contributed I Have the Touch. EMI Topcat 1. Greenpeace, released April Gabriel contributed Shock the Monkey. Towerbell EMI Fund 1. As well as his brief vocal appearance in the Sun City theme song, Gabriels voice was used more extensively on No More Apartheid.

Conspiracy of Hope, released November Commemorating the worldwide Conspiracy of Hope campaign. Gabriel contributes the studio version of Biko. Mercury MERH Virgin V Colin Scot. Colin Scot LP , released Credits with thinly disguised names for contractual reasons include P. Angel Gabriel, P. Album produced by John Anthony; three songs were written by Martin Hall, later to collaborate with Gabriel; other session musicians included Jon Anderson and Robert Fripp.

Charlie Drake. You Never Know 7" , released November Robert Fripp. Exposure LP , released April Gabriel sings and plays on Exposure, with added scream vocals from Terre Roche. This track was digitally remixed for Network, a Fripp compilation album released in Johnny Warman.

Warman was a friend of Jerry Marotta. Gabriel contributes accompanying vocals, chants, screaming and effects on Screaming Jets. Jimmy Pursey. Produced by Peter Gabriel. Laurie Anderson. Mister Heartbreak LP , released February Excellent Birds written by Gabriel and Anderson.

He plays Synclavier, Linn drum, vocals and co-produces with Anderson. Phil Collins. Backing vocals on Take Me Home, also released as 7" and 12". The Call. Reconciled LP , released May Backing vocals on Everywhere I Go, also released as a remixed single.

Nona Hendryx. Female Trouble LP , released June Backing vocals on Winds of Change Mandela to Mandela. Robbie Robertson. Robbie Robertson LP , released October The former guitarist with The Band, co-produced by Daniel Lanois.

Gabriels backing vocals on Fallen Angel, also released as a single in November Song includes the line, "Come down Gabriel, blow your horn. Joni Mitchell. Alan Ross. Tom Robinson Band. Bully For You was co-written by Gabriel and Robinson, and was also released as a single. Tom Robinson. Ace Of Wands 2. Hands Of The Priestess Part 1 3. A Tower Struck Down 4. Hands Of The Priestess Part 2 5.

Star Of Sirius 7. The Lovers 8. Shadow Of The Hierophant. Sally Oldfield: Vocal. Robin Miller: Oboe, Cor Anglais. Nigel Warren-Green: Solo Cello. Percy Jones: Extra Bass on "Tower". Johnny Gustafson: Bass on "Star". Steve Tobin: Parrot and Cough. Recorded between November '77 and February ' Kim 5. How Can I? Hoping Love Will Last vocal: Randy 7. Land Of A Thousand Autumns 8. Icarus Ascending vocal: Havens.

Necam the Computer: Automata, Mechanicals. Chester Thompson: Drums and Percussion. Phil Ehart: Drums and Percussion.

Richie Havens: Vocals, Percussion. John Acock: Keybaords. Dave Lebolt: Keyboards. Steve Walsh: Vocals. Randy Crawford: Vocals. Tom Fowler: Bass. James Bradley: Percussion. Graham Smith: Violin. Hugh Malloy: Cello. Every Day 2. The Virgin And The Gypsy 3. Clocks - The Angel Of Mons 5. Lost Time In Cordoba 7. Tigermoth 8. Spectral Mornings. John Shearer: Drums and Percussion. Pete Hicks: Lead Vocals, Harmonies.

The Steppes 2. Time To Get Out 3. Slogans 4. Leaving 5. Jacuzzi 7. Hammer In The Sand 8. The Toast 9. The Show Sentimental Institution. John Hackett: Concert and Alto Flute. Nick Magnus: Keyboards. Dik Cadbury: Bass, Vocals. Pete Hicks: Vocal. Hope I Don't Wake 2. Picture Postcard 3. Can't Let Go 4. Funny Feeling 6.

A Cradle Of Swans 7. Overnight Sleeper 8. Turn Back Time. Highly Strung. Track order is the same as 2nd album but Cell is the long version. Recorded between February and November Camino Royal 2. Cell long version 3. Always Somewhere Else 4. Give It Away 6. Weightless 7. Group Therapy 8. India Rubber Man 9. Hackett To Pieces. Nigel Warren-Green: Cello. Ian Mosley: Drums. Chris Lawrence: Contrabass.

Front cover painting by Kim Poor, back photo from Steve Hackett's UK Tour with a list of concert locations Bonus EP: Album sleeve is white and the album label itself is white, with a large "1" on side one, and a large "2" on side two.

Cell 1. Cell long version 2. Air Conditioned Nightmare recorded live 3. Clocks alternate version, missing drum solo 2. Acoustic Set containing Horizons and Kim 3. Please Don't Touch live. Bay Of Kings 2. The Journey 3. Kim re-arranged version 4. Marigold 5. Petropolis 7. Second Chance from the TV show 8. Cast Adrift 9. Horizons new version Black Light The Barren Land John Hackett: Flutes.

Nick Magnus: Keyboard Strings and Effects. Released September Album: Lamborghini Records 6. Duel Based on the film by Steven Speilburg 2.

Let Me Count The Ways 4. Myopia 6. What's My Name? The Rio Connection 8. Taking The Easy Way Out 9. Kim Poor: Japanese voice on "Doll". Ian Mosley: Drums, Percussion. Rui Motta: Drums, Simmons Drums. Serginho Roupa Nova : Drums. Waldemar Falcao: Flute, Percussion. Fernand Moura: Rhodes.

Ronaldo Diamante: Bass. Clive Stevens: Wind Synthesizer. Just The Bones. Cavalcanti 2. The Sleeping Sea 3. Portrait Of A Brazilian Lady 4.

When The Bell Breaks 5. Concert For Munich 7. Last Rites Of Innocence 8. Troubled Spirit 9. Variation On Theme By Chopin Pierrot Distributed by Caroline Records. Camino Royale 2. Please Don't Touch 3. Everyday 4. In That Quiet Earth 5. Depth Charge 6. Ace Of Wands 9. Hope I Don't Wake Tigermoth A Tower Struck Down Spectral Mornings Clocks -- The Angel Of Mons Take These Pearls A song about bearing gifts 2. Dark As The Grave A pessimistic view of the human condition 3.

Paint Your Picture The visualisation of a loved one through brush and canvas or Like An Arrow From an idea as old as Eros 6. Walking Away From Rainbows Sometimes the afterglow isn't enough and we move on 7. Latin America American TV is a guest that has taken up permanent residence in all our homes Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite Inspired by a newspaper headline about the theft of several pints of blood from a hospital in the French Quarter of New Orleans Tristesse For Roger Weil - Who knows what lies behind Billy has asked me not to give him special thanks but I will anyway for being more than a manager.

Personal Note: If ever an album was also a love letter it's this one, addressed to Kim for all her inspiration, understanding and sweetness Keep painting the light! Produced by Geoffery Downes. The Hunter Downes 3. Sketches In The Sun Howe 5. Hackett To Bits Hackett Max Bacon: Lead Vocals. Jonathan Mover: Drums and Percussion. There was apparently supposed to be an album but this fell through so only the following single was released from the project:.

Cover of Rod Stewart song. Produced by Steve Hackett and William Budis. All in all a progressive rock fan's wet dream of a line up. Recorded live in Paris Sleeve is pic of Steve and lots of clocks! Recorded in NB: Long version is just album version joined to inst. Wind - Tales Phillips 2. Chinese Mushroom Cloud Phillips-Rutherford 6. Collections Phillips 8. Birdsong 3. Moonshooter 4. Wise After The Event 5. Pulling Faces 6. Regrets 7. The tour included performances across the UK, Germany, and various other European cities.

In April , this incarnation of the band released another album, Let Me Fly. It continues to tour. It captures the evolution of some of the band's most loved hits throughout their year career with brand new recordings on deluxe version , as well as introducing fans to the band's future with three brand new tracks: "One Way," "What Would You Do" and the album's lead single of the title track.

A video for "Out of the Blue" was released 1st April and can be seen on the band's official YouTube page. In a article for Q magazine, critic Peter Kane said that while the band 'fly in the face of fashion', their music has a 'basic decency' and 'unquestionably speaks to more people than many of us are sometimes prepared to accept'" He stressed, 'Mike and The Mechanics: they're quite good, really.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Current members Mike Rutherford — bass, guitars, backing vocals —, —present Anthony Drennan — guitars, bass —present Tim Howar — vocals —present Luke Juby — keyboards, backing vocals, bass, saxophone, whistler —present Andrew Roachford — vocals, keyboards —present Gary Wallis — drums —present; touring: — Past members Paul Carrack — vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, drums — Adrian Lee — keyboards — Peter Van Hooke — drums —; touring: Paul Young — vocals, percussion, guitars, bass —; his death Touring musicians Ashley Mulford — guitar, bass Tim Renwick — guitar, bass, backing vocals — Jamie Moses — guitar, bass, backing vocals — Rupert Cobb — keyboards Owen Paul McGee — backing vocals Abbie Osmon — backing vocals Ben Stone — drums Phillipp Groysboeck — drums Retrieved 31 March Retrieved 11 December Internet Movie Database.

Archived from the original on 14 May Retrieved 24 February Official Charts Company. Retrieved 2 June Retrieved 25 September Retrieved 30 October Retrieved 8 April The Lady Lies live That's All Illegal Alien Home By The Sea Taking It All Too Hard Invisible Touch In Too Deep Land of Confusion Throwing It All Away Domino live No Son of Mine I Can't Dance Hold On My Heart Jesus He Knows Me Driving The Last Spike Never A Time Genesis Live Invisible Touch live Tell Me Why Two Songs From The Longs Atlantic's Oldies Series Lists of Genesis Tony Banks Albums Strictly Inc The Genesis Discography And The Wheels Keep Turning Soundtracks EP Shortcut To Somewhere I'll Be Waiting I Wanna Change The Score The Gift ARK Flaming Youth Singles In the Air Tonight I Missed Again If Leaving Me Is Easy Thunder And Lightning This Must Be Love Thru These Walls Like China I Cannot Believe It's True You Can't Hurry Love I Don't Care Anymore It Don't Matter To Me Against All Odds One More Night Don't Lose My Number Take Me Home Medley Megamix Separate Lives A Groovy Kind Of Love Two Hearts Another Day In Paradise Do You Remember?

Hang In Long Enough Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore? Who Said I Would live Both Sides of the Story We Wait and We Wonder Can't Turn Back The Years Solsbury Hill Modern Love Games Without Frontiers Spiel Ohne Grenzen Lead A Normal Live No Self Control I Don't Remember Shock The Monkey Schock Den Affen I Have The Touch Walk Through The Fire Peter Gabriel Miscellaneous Peter Gabriel Various Artists Albums Cover Versions Out Out Don't Give Up Big Time Red Rain In Your Eyes Shakin' The Tree Digging In The Dirt Blood Of Eden Come Talk To Me Kiss That Frog SW Live EP Steve Hackett Albums GTR singles Guitar Speak III Anthony Phillips Albums I - Sail The World Missing Links Volume 1: Finger Painting Gypsy Suite Anthony Phillips Singles Percy Jones Mike Clarke Genesis - In The Beginning Vol Moonlight Knight Happy The Man The Shepherd No Hiding Place Besides the Silent Mirror The Musical Fox Old Man's Tale EP Genesis - Live in Pavia Genesis - Live in Roma Piper Club Teatro Alcione Marquee Club, London Live In Basel, Switzerland In Concert Rainbow Theatre Live Supper, the CD The Great Lost Live Album Watchers Of The Skies Live in London Genesis in Bazel A Piece of the Action--'' A Death In Anytown First We Were Five Carnegie Hall Live In Quebec City Live in Newcastle The Bedside Yellow Foam Live At Wembley Who Needs Peter Anyway?

L'Ange Gabriel Invisible Live Invisible Life Live In Montreal Live in Montreal Twilight Alehouse CD Revelation Without A Cause Lamb Stew Awed Man Out British Tour Genesis Live in London Swelled and Spent The Real Last Time The Lamb Lives Words About Music Trick Of The Tail Outtakes Two Down, Three Left Just A Pool Of Tears White Mountain On Stage Live At The Rainbow A Living Story All We Need's A Hit Earl's Court Living Revelations Before Riches And Then There Were Four Live In Concert Live -- From the Mouth of the Monster Genesis with Phil Collins Vol.

Live In Germany Revelatory Genesis Page 13 Waiting for the Big One On The Air Mozo Risin' Peter "The Angel" Gabriel Without Words At German Front State of Mind Peter Gabriel Retrospective Live To Be Loved Digging In Europe Captured Live Behind The Lines No Ticket Required In The Air Tonight You'll Love Us Live Live At The Theatre Royal File Under Picture About Perilous Schizophrenia Superstars in Concert Three Sides Live The Lamb Woke Up Again Perpetual Soundwave Fugitives From Justice Rochester After Glow It's A Shame No Reply At All Mama Tour The Legend of Genesis Invisible Touch Album Party The Genesis Event Genesis - Los Angeles ' And Then Here Are Three Invisible Tour The Invisible Cage Genesis Live in Milano Radio Special Genesis: Up Close Knebworth World Premiere of We Can't Dance Rockline Three Rivers Stadium Live In The Big Apple Summer Nights Various WCD Bootlegs Hold on my Heart Genesis - Forever Genesis in Concert 2-LP Some Old, Some New Three Nights in Philly The Rarest Live King Biscuit Compilation The Unreleased Live Collection All the Hits in Concert More Hits in Concert Publications and Organizations Television Appearances Television Specials The Other Genesis For Absent Friends Over The Garden Wall The Musical Box Paul Carrack The History Of Genesis Trafalgar Square The Return of the Giant Hogweed The Fountain of Salmacis Page 15 Interpretations And Reflections Reflection of Existentialism Reflection on Absurd Reality Reflection on Symbolism Reflection On A Movie Version Watcher Of The Skies Can-Utility and the Coast-liners Supper's Ready Suppers Ready and the Revelation Dancing With The Moonlit Knight Firth of Fifth The Battle of Epping Forest Aisle Of Plenty The Cinema Show Dance On A Volcano Los Endos Eleventh Earl of Mar Blood On The Rooftops Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers In That Quiet Earth Spot The Pigeon Scenes From A Night's Dream The Lady Lies Pure Pleasure.

Universal Play. Reference Recording. Original Recordings Group Music. Friday Music. Impex Records. MA Recordings. Direct Metal Mastering. Master Music Ltd.

Chasing The Dragon. Concord Craft Recordings. Venus Records. Resonance Records. AudioNautes Recordings. Accustic Arts Audiophile Recordings.

The single "The Living Years" (US#1, UK#2) became the band's biggest hit, and featured on the band's second album Living Years. The song was written by Rutherford and Robertson after both of their fathers had recently died, but the lyrics were written solely by Robertson and centered on the unresolved dissension between Robertson and his father.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Living Years on Discogs. Label: WEA - ,WEA - WX • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Stereo • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock/5.
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the SP Vinyl release of Living Years on Discogs. Label: Atlantic - ,Atlantic - 7 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album SP • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop • Style: Soft Rock, Pop Rock, Synth-pop/5(48).
  3. "Poor Boy Down" "Blame" and "Black and Blue" are some of the best songs ever made. If you like 80's music or just adult contemporary in general, these songs will make your day. From beginning to end, I enjoyed this album and have no negatives to say about it/5().
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Living Years on Discogs. Label: Atlantic - 78 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Pop Rock/5(23).
  5. A1 – Nobody’s Perfect A2 – The Living Years A3 – Seeing Is Believing A4 – Nobody Knows A5 – Poor Boy Down B1 – Blame B2 – Don’t B3 – Black & Blue.
  6. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for M1ke + The Mechan1c5 - Living Years - Lp Vinyl Record at grotbersjosthoddfessilk.idderremicawargazanpiekomsymplead.co Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.
  7. Label:WEA ‎– , WEA ‎– WX Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo ReleasedGenre:Rock, PopStyle:Pop RockTracklist A1Nobody's PerfectA2The Living.

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