No One Else - Weezer - The Demos (CDr)

Rivers Cuomo , David Allan Stewart. Rivers Cuomo , Jacknife Lee. Rivers Cuomo , Toby Gad. Rivers Cuomo , Sarah C. October 15 , October 4 , Weezer with Paul duGre. Death to False Metal international version. Weezer Green Album. Weezer Red Album Deluxe Edition. The Lion and the Witch. Weezer Red Album. Weezer The White Album Japanese. Rivers Cuomo , Ryan Adams. Brian Bell , Nate Shaw. October 27 , Rivers Cuomo , Mac Davis. November 28 , Rivers Cuomo , Desmond Child.

Rivers Cuomo , Kazuhiro Hara. Rivers Cuomo , Greg Wells. Death to False Metal Japanese version. Surf Wax America. Say It Ain't So. In The Garage. Only In Dreams. Mykel And Carli - b-side. My Eveline - b-side. The tracks were mixed in a late night session by Matt Sharp and Pikus after the other members of the band and Koch had gone home.

Pikus recalls that a copy of The Pixies ' Surfer Rosa was used as a reference for the mixing, and that "the cracking snare sound was an impulsive late night decision that seemed to lend itself to the recording. Unsatisfied with the final version of " Surf Wax America " a track which the band had not played up to that point , the band decided to only tack it on the b-side of a handful of tapes given to friends.

In exchange for his services, the band gave Pikus a pair of stereo speakers which they had purchased from "a dude in a van" a few months before the session. Mastering engineer Alan Yoshida mastered the tapes for free as a favor to Pikus.

Notably, "Undone" features Koch 's first contribution to a Weezer recording, in the form of sound collages during the intro and before the second verse. Get promoted. In Lyrics. By Artist. By Album. Genre: Rock. I've had nothing like that since then. I've been deeply lonely. This is going to sound weird, but it wasn't until I discovered Sam Harris's podcast [ Waking Up ] that I started to feel some of that need for intellectual-hangout, cafeteria, lunch-room conversation to be satisfied.

Now, I listen to him every day and it's like, I'm listening to smart people talk and debate the issues, and I feel a little less lonely … It's the same loneliness I felt touring on The Blue Album , on the bus. It's like, there's got to be something more to life than just the grind of touring and performing and doing interviews. Those don't sound like the words of someone in love with what he does.

That, in itself, is hardly uncommon among musicians. It's the specific desire for something else, something already experienced — a life of the mind — that is unusual. It's not an inchoate desire to be a country squire, or try his hand at painting, or act. He wants to do something that requires more mental exercise than being a pop star.

But the problems of the later Weezer records aren't all down to character traits developed in later years. Many of the problems are present on The Blue Album , except they didn't present as problems, so much. There's the attitude to women, which stretches through the catalogue notably on Pinkerton 's fetishisation of east Asian women. Seems like it's so easy to get laid now. All these good looking atheletic young guys r getting so much free sex it kills me.

Such a bummer. However, at the behest of DGC, the band was required to include a producer, and collectively opted for Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. Under Ocasek's direction, the band opted for a brighter sound, while bassist Matt Sharp collaborated with Cuomo to ensure that the album contained an overriding sonic concept of treating the guitars and bass as isolated ten-string instruments, thus maximizing its potential when united.

The album itself peaked at number sixteen on the US Billboard , and was certified triple platinum by It is also the band's best-selling album, having sold at least 3. While preparing for the studio sessions, Weezer focused on their vocal interplay by practicing barbershop quartet -style songs, which helped Cuomo and Sharp feel more comfortable collaborating during rehearsals. Sharp, who had never sung before joining Weezer, developed his falsetto : "I had to sing an octave higher than Rivers.

After a lot of practice, I started to get it down. Weezer rehearsed 15 songs in New York in preparation for the Electric Lady Studios recording sessions. The band considered self-producing, but were pressured by Geffen to choose a producer. They decided on Ric Ocasek , who had played with the Cars. Weezer insisted that the guitars were mixed as loudly as those in the Radiohead song " Creep ", burying some vocals.

During the recording, Cropper learned that his girlfriend was pregnant and began acting erratically. Weezer collaborator Karl Koch said: "He wasn't handling it well In , Cropper said Cuomo had made the right decision. In one take. Cropper received a credit on " My Name Is Jonas " for writing the intro. Musically, critics have described the album as alternative rock , [18] power pop , [2] [19] [20] pop punk , [18] [21] emo , [20] pop rock , [22] and geek rock.

The album artwork, photographed by American glamour photographer Peter Gowland , [24] [25] features Wilson, Cuomo, Sharp, and Bell standing in front of a plain, blue background. Cuomo stated that, while the band liked the photo, Sharp was not happy with the way his head looked.

The Geffen Art Director used Photoshop to swap out the head with one from another shot. On some vinyl pressings of the album, the cover does not crop off their feet. On the Deluxe Edition case the feet are presented on the back cover, and the band sold an official T-shirt with a shot of the band's feet after the deluxe edition release.

Inside the album booklet, Cuomo pays tribute to his past metal influences with a photo taken in the group's garage on Amherst this same garage would be featured in the "Say It Ain't So" music video.

A poster of Judas Priest 's album British Steel is featured on the left side of the photo, while on the right a Quiet Riot concert poster is displayed.

The Deluxe Edition features additional photographs of the band and hand-written lyrics for each song.

Mar 01,  · Added bassline to acoustic weezer song.

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  1. A recording of "No One Else" from Weezer's third demo tape (known to fans as "The Real Demo"), recorded at a garage in Hollywood, CA in early November of
  2. Aug 24,  · Overview "No One Else" was first recorded in August of It was attempted by Weezer the same month during the sessions for Weezer's second demo (The "Kitchen Tape"), but remained unfinished. The song was first played live on September 15, at Coconut Teaszer in Los Angeles.
  3. The second track from the debut album by Weezer, “No One Else” is a satirical song from the viewpoint of a character who is overly jealous and protective of his girlfriend.
  4. No One Else (Acoustic) The Good Life (Acoustic) Pink Triangle (Acoustic) El Scorcho (Acoustic) Dukes Of Hazard Theme (Acoustic) In The Garage (Acoustic) Undone- The Sweater Song (Acoustic) Why Bother? (Acoustic) Jamie (Acoustic) Paperface (Demo) Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me.
  5. I want a girl who laughs for no one else My girl's got eyeballs In the back of her head She looks around and around You know it makes me sad to see her like that Please don't believe her - she says that for anyone And if you see her Tell her it's a hey hey hey hey I want a girl who will laugh for no one else When I'm away she puts her makeup on.
  6. No One Else by Weezer. Facts. Total Plays times by 8 Artists; From the release The Blue Album (Album) First Played in Concert April 29, by Weezer at Club Dump, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Most Recently Played May 9, by Rivers Cuomo at Private Venue, Los Angeles, CA, USA;.
  7. Jul 24,  · Weezer's third demo, often referred to as "The Real Demo", was recorded in early November of Though an exact date for this session is not known, Karl Koch supsects that it took place on the evenings of November 4 and November 5. Comprised of four songs, this demo tape was an important component of the band's aggressive campaign to get signed to a major label.
  8. In an effort to create buzz around LA, Weezer recorded a demo, The Kitchen Tape. This attracted attention from major-label A&R reps looking for alternative rock bands to perform on the same bill as That Dog. Weezer were signed to DGC Records on June 26, , by Todd Sullivan, an A&R rep from Geffen Records. Recording and music.
  9. No One Else Tab by Weezer with free online tab player. One accurate version. Recommended by The Wall Street Journal.

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