I Cant Ever Change Your Love For Me - Anri (2) - Meditation (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Paul had a much rougher time with the critics, but continued to issue a stream of hit singles, hitting a commercial and critical jackpot at the end of with the massively successful Band on the Run. Ringo did not have the songwriting acumen to compete on the same level as the others, yet he too had quite a few big hit singles in the early '70s, often benefiting from the assistance of his former bandmates. Yet within a short time, it became apparent both that the Beatles were not going to settle their differences and reunite, and that their solo work could not compare with what they were capable of creating together.

The stereotype has it that the split allowed each of them to indulge in their worst tendencies to their extremes: Lennon in agit-prop, Harrison in holier-than-thou mysticism, McCartney in cutesy pop, Starr in easy listening rock. There's a good deal of truth in this, but it's also important to bear in mind that what was most missing was a sense of group interaction. The critical party line often champions Lennon as the angry, realist rocker and McCartney as the melodic balladeer, but this is a fallacy: each of them was capable, in roughly equal measures, of ballsy all-out rock and sweet romanticism.

What is not in dispute is that they sparked each other to reach heights that they could not attain on their own. Despite periodic rumors of reunions throughout the s, no group projects came close to materializing. It should be added that the Beatles themselves continued to feud to some degree, and from all evidence weren't seriously interested in working together as a unit. The Beatles continued their solo careers throughout the '80s, but their releases became less frequent, and their commercial success gradually diminished as listeners without first-hand memories of the combo created their own idols.

The popularity of the Beatles, however, proved eternal. In part, this is because the group's split effectively short-circuited the prospects of artistic decline; the body of work that was preserved was uniformly strong. However, it's also because, like any great works of art, the Beatles' records carried an ageless magnificence that continues to captivate new generations of listeners.

So it is that Beatles records continue to be heard on radio in heavy rotation, continue to sell in massive quantities, and continue to be covered and quoted by rock and pop artists through the present day. Legal wrangles at Apple prevented the official issue of previously unreleased Beatles material for over two decades although much of it was frequently bootlegged. The situation finally changed in the s, after McCartney, Harrison, Starr, and Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, settled their principal business disagreements.

In , this resulted in a double CD of BBC sessions from the early and mid-'60s a second volume followed nearly two decades later. The following year, a much more ambitious project was undertaken: a multi-part film documentary, broadcast on network television in , and then released with double the length for the home video market in , with the active participation of the surviving Beatles. Additionally, McCartney, Harrison, and Starr with some assistance from Jeff Lynne embellished a couple of John Lennon demos from the '70s with overdubs to create two new tracks "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love" that were billed as actual Beatles recordings.

Whether this constituted the actual long-awaited "reunion" is the subject of much debate. Certainly these cuts were hardly classics on par with the music the group made in the '60s.

Some fans, even diehards, were inclined to view the whole Anthology project as a distinctly '90s marketing exercise that maximized the mileage of whatever could be squeezed from the Beatles' vaults. If nothing else, though, the massive commercial success of outtakes that had, after all, been recorded 25 to 30 years ago, spoke volumes about the unabated appeal and fascination the Beatles continue to exert worldwide.

That fascination didn't fade in the new millennium. At the dawn of the s, the Beatles released 1, a compilation of the 27 number one singles the group charted in the United Kingdom and United States. It remained at number one for several weeks in the U. By the end of the s, it had sold over 31 million copies worldwide, making it the biggest album of the decade. Naked, a revision of the original album that stripped away Phil Spector's string arrangements and shuffled the track order.

The stage revue, based in Las Vegas, was accompanied by an ambitious remix album produced by George Martin and his son Giles; the soundtrack was another significant international success, going double platinum in several countries, including the U. In , the Beatles reissued their original catalog in new remastered editions, highlighted by two separate box sets containing their complete works in stereo and in mono although the latter did not contain their last two studio albums ; in , the stereo remasters were released on vinyl.

In , the Beatles catalog made its digital debut. Not long afterward, the digital-only The Beatles Bootleg Recordings presented unreleased material from , including studio outtakes and BBC performances. In , all of the group's American Capitol albums from the '60s were released as the box set The U. The following year saw a reissue of 1, containing new stereo mixes by Giles Martin, along with 5. In , the Beatles' years as a touring band became the subject of a Ron Howard documentary called Eight Days a Week; its release was accompanied by the first-ever CD reissue of Live at the Hollywood Bowl.

The 50th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in was marked with a deluxe reissue containing a new stereo remix by Giles Martin and a host of unreleased alternate takes. The next year, the Beatles received a similar deluxe edition, which included the first-ever official release of the Esher demos where Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison sketched out the songs that would become the White Album. In , the Beatles celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of Abbey Road with a deluxe reissue containing a new stereo mix by Giles Martin and two discs of outtakes.

Sign In. The Beatles. Top Songs See All. Essential Albums See All. It doesn't sound like it was recorded in the '60s. And as he did with the 50th anniversary reissues of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in and the White Album in , Martin has painstakingly rebuilt The Beatles' 11th and penultimate album piece by piece, and also unearthed a trove of demos and alternate tracks.

The goal of the project is not just to appeal to Beatles obsessives, but also to recontextualise what the album means for a contemporary audience and to upgrade the sonic fidelity to match what they are used to hearing. I'm interested in seeing if you can switch someone from hearing to listening; audiophiles listen to mixes and people listen to songs.

I would love younger generations, or new listeners, or people who weren't aware, to go back and listen to The Beatles. They are the bedrock of popular music for so many people. The reason why is because it's so simple—there's not much on it.

It's the band playing live, and it's one of their greatest performances. It's the one track that Ringo and Paul said to me, 'We were really good on this day. The first thing we normally do when we remix Beatles stuff is we put the drums in the centre.

With 'Come Together', we did that, and then it just didn't sound as good. So we actually took each individual drum hit and we panned the drums. They move from right to left, or right to centre. On the original, they just stand in place. It has a slightly more contemporary feel; it's acoustic. The one thing that the new mix of Abbey Road shows off is how good their backing vocals were. What excites me is when you hear someone talking and just being a guy in a studio making a piece of music that will last 50 years and beyond.

What makes it great is the empathy that they have for the outside world: 'Okay, we'll do one more loud one and then we'll do one more'—and that was John Lennon, the angriest Beatle. That's why I do love the beauty of this: Great records are made by humans. They're not made by machine.

The thing I look for in the demos is humanity—the creation and the sparks you hear that made the records you love. The thing about George is that there was a fragility to what he did. My dad would say that he never gave George enough time. He deserved more attention, and there is no doubt that George thought he deserved more attention as well. Retrieved 28 October Retrieved October 17, Soulsville U.

New York: Schirmer Trade. Rolling Stone. Sweet Soul Music. Edinburgh: Canongate. Jones: A Life in Music". March 26, The Guardian. Retrieved 13 March CS1 maint: archived copy as title link.

Back to Back Robinson ". Book Category. Isaac Hayes David Porter. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame — Class of Bobby Bland Booker T. Elmore James Professor Longhair. Categories : Booker T. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Memphis, Tennessee , U. Atlantic , Stax. Jones Steve Cropper Steve Potts. Problems playing this file? See media help. One of the most audacious and best psychedelic albums ever made, A Wizard, A True Star came out just when Todd Rundgren had developed a reputation as a pop songsmith, and the world expected more of the same.

He delivered this Technicolor mind trip instead. But their Dukes Of Stratosphear alter-ego is also a loving and accurate homage to the best psychedelic albums, and every song here is terrific in its own right.

Working with the cream of Crescent City session men, he came up with a spooky and funky sound unlike any heard before, and created a memorable character to go with it. Around The World In A Day was the Purple Rain follow-up that nobody saw coming, Prince widely expanded both his musical template and his consciousness — with help from Wendy and Lisa, who apparently gave him his first Beatles record.

You know an album is timeless when it takes a half-century to be properly appreciated. But it took decades for most people to hear the rest of the album and realise how beautifully inventive it all was. Because Joe McDonald was a songwriter first, the whole album is wrapped in a tuneful package.

It proved too much for their pre-teen fans and was the first Monkees single to flop. If you think the album is out there, wait till you see the movie. In some ways, however, this is the great psychedelic album The Rolling Stones should have made. During the first week of , when this album was released, the future of rock could be anything, including a jazz-identified band with a Dionysian Beat poet upfront.

Making it one of the best psychedelic albums of all time, however, is that every note is about transcendence. This was as psychedelic as the Dead ever got in the studio. But this album by Gal Costa was the most radical and beautiful of them all.

Already known as a superior pop singer, Costa collaborates here with a sublimely freaky studio band. Jimi Hendrix was psychedelic by his very existence, and the expansive double-album Electric Ladyland brought you further inside his head and closer to other parts of his anatomy than any other record.

The blues are epic, the rockers furious and the side trips like most of Side Three on the original vinyl lead to uncharted territory. Quite simply, the AM airwaves had never thrown out anything like that before.

This classic album from really stands apart from the best psychedelic albums. There are no studio effects, no freeform jams, and hardly even any electric guitars. The psychedelic influence came entirely from the mind of Arthur Lee, whose lyrics were always otherworldly and never fully possible to pin down, and whose melodies were completely unforgettable. Looking for more? Discover the origins of psychedelic rock. Without Quicksilver Happy Trails this list is not complete boot the monkees or tame impala or 4 or 5 but to not have Happy Trails proves you never listened to it.

Many good choices however, call me crazy, but I think that many of these albums, while absolutely great, are on your list simply because of the cover art and not the style of the music.

Perfect comment Mr Crane…Revolver was as far from a Psychedelic album. The cover looked cool and that was about all. Lucy in the Sky might fit in for the Beatles in that category. I am 60 and grew up with this music…hell CCR did more psychedelic music then a lot of bands here. Jefferson Airplane was spot on…one of the best. Country Joe and the Fish…Zappa. I wish they would have put up and let us vote. Revolver had Tomorrow Never Knows as a definite and a few other Lennon tracks in the ball park……..

Plus the cover :O. Perfect answer,,,I too am 60…Let us pick out the top hits…no mention of canned Heat,,CCR or Lou reed…some were great picks but Revolver,,,,number one…never dropped clearlight thats for damn sure…. I also understand you commented this way long ago so maybe you changed your mind.

The reason its one of the greatest Psych albums is because of how it was so revolutionary integrated into mainstream music. I love you. Absolutely one of the best live albums of that era!

You can actually hear the audience having its collective minds blown. A totally unique and incredibly deep psychedelic offering from the masters of the era. Hello from Scotland, Tony. I wholeheartedly agree, Tony. A one-off masterpiece. Had to wait until Feb. Snakefinger, Residents and just about anything from Ralph Records. Capt Beefheart, Blue cheer, Bo Hansson, colosseum,.

I got ultimate spinach also. We must be stone freaks. The album is only tolerable if one takes to much plotter. Many more could be added. Why I know this is because I have all 3 of their albums. I agree!

Long live Bubble Puppy! Better than ever! Pet Sounds — psychedelic?? Hardly, except for the track Here Today. But well above both of them has to be the first eponymous album, the cover art completely matching the music within. Are you guys having a laugh? Nobody remembers or ever even heard of Hawkwind. I was beginning to think i had dreamed that. Hey Mark you are in luck, Nik Turner the sax player is still touring and putting out new material and has a hot band with two gals who play moog and violin.

I sure remember Hawkwind. Hall of the Mountain Grill was an important part of the soundtrack to my own personal psychedelic phase.

It goes into orbit in under three minutes. Almost 50 years and still releasing new material. Hawkwind is the greatest band in the psychedelic space. Damn right David! What about Arzachal? Court of crimson king king crimson Or happy trail by QMS? If we staying in 60s then surely white album surpasses revolver ditto sgt peppers?

And what about the great magic band strictly personal? Idle race birthday party? Soon many. I once heard George Clinton say that his mission in life was to prove black people could do acid too. Classic forgotten psy funk album Chains and Black Exhaust. Iron knowledge sound on Showstopper is as dirty a piece of psy funk you will ever hear. Just to pick one: Journey. Lucky enough to hang out with Arthur and the band at the time. Really genuine and nice people.

Love those albums. Yes — I was going to mention The Bevis Frond. Haphash and the Colored Coat are more psychedelic by my definition anyway than half of these artists! And where is The Incredible String Band? Have you ever heard of an album called The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds? A concept album released by Electra in Definitely psychedelic. I still have this album best listened to with subdued lighting and a generous glass of single malt whisky.

What about Animal Collective? They have albums that more popular, more critically acclaimed and most importantly more psychedelic then lots of the albums on this list.

Even more so! A Canadian band called Nucleus, their only album self titled check it out, these guys were excellent! By all means, the Moody Blues need to be on the list. Music as vehicle. A pure masterpiece where the purpose of psychedelic music is displayed by the vehicle itself as much as where it takes you: a sound machine to help one understand our relation to sound…and light. Traveling through sound via a vehicle of sound…but only if one can lift their vibratory level to the point where one becomes more energy than matter.

BTW, I was born in , and discovered this album and what it can deliver in the late 80s. Also, it looks like a lot of the albums, while great, were included more for the cover art than the style of music.

Agree whole heartedly regarding the Moody Blues. Always the first albums of choice to listen to while doing acid.

Also, Spirit should be included…an excellent band so often overlooked. Spirit — Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus belongs ahead of most of these. Spirit is often over looked for some reason.

I saw The Illusion in concert, promoting their third and last album. They were so great, I immediately bought all three albums. They also made a top single. It has some elements, but Tame Impala has essentially put the genre behind him with that album.

You want trippy? Many of these were unique and iconic for the time, but psychedelic, nah. Tommy James and the Shondells tried to do this with Crimson and Clover. No Gong? Tsk Tsk…. You is easily the greatest space rock album of all time. Weird, experimental, avant-garde for sure, but probably not psychedelic. Kansas and Styx were pretty 2nd rate prog rock bands, neither band has anything to do with psychedelia. Also, from England, Quintessence. There are quite a lot not mentioned!

I was looking for Ultimate Spinach my psychedelic brother. Fish Rising- Steve Hillage but also , even more psychedelic than anything on the above list: 1. Stockhausen Sternklang 5. Tetsu Inoue- Inland. That is, by far, their most pop album to date. There is little if anything psychedelic about any track on it. How about the Electric Prunes? It took you on a space ship to another planet and at one point had fabulous sound effects that made your head explode.

A list of the greatest Psychedelic Songs would probably be another good list. Summertime, by Big Brother and the Holding Company was voted by Guitar Player Magazine as having the most psychedelic solo of all time a few years ago.

No Sgt. No Lothar Space Hymn??? No Deep Purple Shades Of???? Not a bad start but without these 3, this list is seriously lacking.

Cool that HP Lovecraft made the list! Very underrated some of the best Psych sounds of the 60s, but should have been their 2nd album!! Beatles you got it right, revolver is my fav as well. Elevators should have been easter everywhere. Otherwise great list. Alot of these albums I would use on my top 10 list as well. Shocked that you chose Revolver over Sgt. It was certainly hinting in that direction but I remember well when Sgt. Pepper came out. It was like an atomic musical explosion that resounded all over the world.

Spring leading into the Summer of Love, Haight Ashbury, all of it. I was 18 that year and it was an exciting and magical time to be young. Make no mistake, Sgt. Pepper was the springboard that freed musicians to try new and bold stuff. The album jacket a photo of Dylan in a jacket! The first Creedence album and the first Jethro Tull album were also magnificent. Also very odd that nothing by The Black Angels made this list. They are far more psychedelic than Tame Impala.

How about Yes? Listened to all their albums back to back one night on acid. Believe me, they fit the bill! These are true to the form of psychedelic music. Most of the albums listed have nothing to do with the music art form of psychedelia! What about Magical Mystery Tour!? What about Tangerine Dream? Baxters by the Airplane is much more trippy than Pillow. Crown of Creation as well. Your whole top twenty could havr been filled with Jefferson Airplane and its off shoots!

Finally, a mention of Blows Against the Empire! Oh, an why Traffic rather than Mr. Had you just not heard it?

I swear you picked some of these after doing nothing more than Googling their cover images. Wonderful stuff. Why does Trout Mask Replica make these lists? He was just a naturally strange dude. If BubblePuppy was on the list, then Fever Tree should be on it. Imitation Situation and San Fransisco Girls were top psycadelic songs.

Yes, some of the LPs shown were psychedelic back in those days. But as others have commented, some of the albums mentioned were not truly psychedelic, while other truly psychedelic albums though not necessarily Universal Inc. Does Universal claim to own the corner market of psychedelia? For shame. Fever Tree and Captain Beyond should have been included. I agree, Capt. Beef Heart should have been left out.

No inclusion of any Zappa is really strange. Now you need to do part two of this list. R U serious? It was a revoluntionary LP. It was a Psychdelic start to what came after. Kaleidoscope Mexican psychedelic band … not the U. I think it would fit well. Best regards! A good list , ,but like every one else we had our favorite in Pearls Before Swine albums …..

Will say being in my 60s now and still listening to most of these today , Maybe have to sit back and have a psychedelic Sunday on this 31st of July ,,. I agree with quite a few of the previous comments, having started to buy records in , at age 7, and eventually amassing a collection of over 10, individual pieces.

My collection ranges from the earliest Motown singles to current blu-ray releases, such as the recent XTC 5. That album was literally a trip, conceived by Rundgren after dropping acid! Unfortunately, it was so long, at over 55 minutes, that the sound quality suffered due to the limitations of a vinyl LP. Thankfully, a newly-remastered CD was released in December of with superior sound. I think The Gun deserves an honorable mention. How about the guy who invented Flower Power?

You got Country Joe in there. What about yoshimi battles the pink robots? A descent list containing most of the psychedelic highlights. Same goes for Capt. All of these albums would be at the top of my list for all time best psych albums hands down. Wonderwall and Electronic Sounds by Harrison. Try top psych albums. Also perhaps state a darte cutoff? It should go without saying that any group with one album on the list probably did other psych lps too.

Also Odyssey and Oracle by the Zombies is a must. Amazed that you left of Julian Cope off the list, especially as you own a big chunk of his catalogue!!! It would be fun to see a vote. Artwork, content, both? Impact on our society?? What about Plasticland or Rain Parade? The Dukes of Stratosphere? All better than The Fraternal Order. Uriah Heep, maybe. Electric Prunes, probably. Fever Tree, definitely.

Allan Parsons, I Robot, maybe. Tales of Mystery and Imagination, probably. Of course, you will likely call Parsons stuff something else. Spirit, yes. Donovan, yes. Tough making lists, but it certainly makes us think. It is possibly THE most psychedelic album of all time,…………………Why omit????? I am in total agreement with those who feel both the Moody Blues and Spirit should have been included in the list…especially the Moody Blues, as they were always the albums of choice to listen to while doing acid.

Their music truly enhanced the hallucinations, defining the effect of psychedelic music. Please add The Grays! One album only. They had nothing to do with the Psychedelic era whatsoever. The bands the members played in prior to D. You will think you are on acid while listening to it. Great list. Some very solid psychedelia in music. Rex Electric Warrior, either. Deep Purple — Fireball!! There is a lot of good music from that era, and I listen to SiriusXM and they play a lot of it.

Freakiest thing i ever heard….. One band that had similar music, yet not on the list, is The Ides of March from Chicago. Ogre, Ballad of Eleanor Rigby, Superman and other songs are just as creative and unusual as the psychedelic music represented above. King Tubby. King Tubby's Music. Dub Digital. Diwali : Greensleeves Rhythm Album Dancehall Jugglin ' Action Pack. Mad House Records. Dancehall Jugllin ' Heavyweight Ragga ' King Tubbys.

Dub 80s. Horace Andy. Unity, Love And Strength. Tenor Saw. Victory Train. Dug Out. Other Music Ranking. New Power Soul. Hip Hop. Pleasure Masters. Author feat. Rider Shafique. Forward Forever.

Black Box. Sector 7 Sounds. Rollage vol. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Genre Index. Free DLs. Dancehall Jugglin BUY.

Bring Me To The Dancenight: 角松敏生: 角松敏生 * 2: Gone With The Sadness: 杏里: 角松敏生 * 3: 気 ままにREFLECTION (New Version) 三浦徳子: 井上大輔: 角松敏生 * 4: I can't ever change your love for me: 角松敏生: 角松敏生 * 5: Silly City Girl: 角松敏生: 角松敏生 * 6: Morning Highway: 岩里祐穂.

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  1. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Anri - Meditation at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your Anri collection/5(6).
  2. Words By, Composed By – Anri (2) 5: All Of You Arranged By – Jun Irie Composed By – Anri (2) Words By – Yumi Yoshimoto: 6: Oversea Call Arranged By – Yasuharu Ogura Words By, Composed By – Anri (2) 7: I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me Words By, Composed By, Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu: 8: Long Island.
  3. I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me Words By, Composed By, Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu: 8: Long Island Beach Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu Composed By – Anri (2) Words By – Yoshiko Miura: 9: Sunahama Arranged By – Yasuharu Ogura Words By, Composed By – かおる* Affection Arranged By – Jun Irie Words.
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  5. Jul 04,  · Provided to YouTube by FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, INC. I CAN'T EVER CHANGE YOUR LOVE FOR ME · Anri 16th Summer Breeze ℗ FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT,INC. Released on: Composer.
  7. Bring Me To The Dancenight Words By, Composed By, Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu: A2: Gone With The Sadness Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu Words By, Composed By – Anri (2) A3: Kimamani Reflection (New Version) Arranged By – Toshiki Kadomatsu Composed By – Daisuke Inoue Words By – Yoshiko Miura: A4: I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me.
  8. Oh I can't ever change your love for me カガミの前でいつも通り髪をとかして Oh You can't ever love me once again あなただけの私にそっとさよなら いつも通りに送ってほしい あなたの車そしてこの道 更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ grotbersjosthoddfessilk.idderremicawargazanpiekomsymplead.co 魔鏡歌詞網 出来る事なら あの信号が.

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