Harry Bidgood And His Broadcasters - Que Pensais-tu De Moi? / I Kiss Your Hand, Madam! (Shellac)

Getz also returned to cool jazz in with 'Nobody Else But Me', though that album wasn't released until , posthumously. During the seventies Getz pursued jazz fusion with keyboardist, Chick Corea. During the eighties Getz taught at Stanford University in California as an artist in residence. Among the highlights of Getz' career were numerous sessions with Jazz at the Philharmonic. Getz' preferred tenor saxophone was the Selmer Mark VI.

He died of liver cancer on 6 June in Malibu, California [ obit ]. Sessions: JDP , Lord. Transcriptions: 1 , 2. Interview w Les Tomkins Further reading: Marc Myers ; various ; Marcus Wolfe.

And the Angels Swing. Don't Worry About Me. Running Water. Stan's Mood. On the Alamo. For Stompers Only. Samba Triste. Girl from Ipanema. Green Dolphin Street. Flip Phillips Source: Discogs.

Born in in Brooklyn, tenor sax player Flip Phillips began to play professionally from to in a Brooklyn restaurant.

Philips would record with Herman again on multiple occasions in the seventies and eighties. Among Phillips' most constant partners was trombonist, Bill Harris. Starting with the 'Old Gold Rehearsals' in '44 with Herman, Harris and Phillips moved from one session to the next together nigh continuously until , Harris a fixture in Phillips' bands, they both supporting other enterprises as well.

One such was Jazz at the Philharmonic , a major venue for Phillips, he appearing on nearly thirty dates from '46 to ' He led sessions fairly consistently until , that finding release in per 'Rock with Flip'. He largely retired in Florida in He led a couple sessions in '63 : 'Your Place Or Mine? The first Odessa Jazz Party was in Several titles were recorded in 'Odessa Sound of Jazz Vol 1'.

Phillips died in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 17 August [ obit ]. Too Marvelous for Words. Flip and Jazz. Leap Here. Lover Come Back to Me. Don't Take Your Love from Me. Sweet and Lovely. I Hadn't Anyone Til You. Issue that year is presumed. With above sessions to his name, Thompson was a huge talent who backed not a few big names. Thompson's first tracks with Davis had been per above with Parker in March of ' Vibraphonist, Milt Jackson , performed on that initial session with Washington in ' Jackson and Thompson found themselves teamed on numerous sessions backing various to '49, later from '56 to ' Jones would be an arranger, director or conductor on multiple sessions to His first album, 'Accent on Tenor', was recorded in October of '54, issued in Like a number of American jazz musicians, Thompson moved to Europe, to live in Paris, in That and the next year he held a number of sessions in Paris for French producer, Eddie Barclay.

Returning to New York in , he then moved to Switzerland for a couple of years in He taught music at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire for two years, commencing in , the year he made his final recordings: 'I Offer You'.

Thompson then disappeared into complications, homeless by when he began living at the Columbia City Assisted Living Center in Seattle. He died in of Alzheimer's complications [obits: 1 , 2 ].

Sessions: Cohen: main , multiple versions , solography ; Evensmo solography ; J-Disca w comps by Thompson ; Lord leading 60 of Discos: 1 , 2 , 3. Rockin' at Ryans. Oodie Coo Bop. Drop Dead. Vocal: Rickey Jordan.

East of the Sun. Dancing Sunbeam. Midnight Sun. Tea for Two. Choose Your Own. Live in Paris. Why Weep? Note: Noal Cohen comments in his sessionography that 'Why Weep?

Among instances cited is a session on 25 Nov for w ' Why Weep? The latter three tracks were with Rubberlegs Williams at vocals. Herman 's operation would be Chaloff's main locomotion through the forties, they thought to have last recorded together in Havana, Cuba on January 6, , with Herman 's Woodchoppers: 'Tasty' and 'The Old Pail'. The Metronome All Stars were a series of bands assembled to record for 'Metronome Magazine', 14 such orchestras appearing from to , all with high cachet jazz musicians.

Their name came from the tune, 'Four Brothers', composed by Jimmy Giuffre when they were all with Herman Giuffre arranging. Herman 's first of numerous renditions was recorded December 27, Cohn, also an All Star with Chaloff in '56, went back with Chaloff to Raeburn , they first recording together at Liederkranz Hall on January 17, , 'Barefoot Boyd with Cheek' leading off that radio session. Cohn was also a continual companion of Chaloff's, more so than Getz or Sims in that they also backed other bands than Herman 's together.

Chaloff died in his prime at the young age of 34 in , of spinal cancer. Discussion: 1 , 2. Further reading: Jazz Profiles. Interlude A Night in Tunisia.

A Bar a Second. Composition: Chaloff. Four Brothers. Composition: Jimmy Giuffre. The Goof and I. Composition: Al Cohn. Bop Scotch. King Edward the Flatted Fifth. The Most! No Figs. Composition: Lennie Tristano. Alto sax Boots Mussulli. Bob the Robin. Composition: Boots Mussulli.

What's New. Bass: Leroy Vinnegar. Drums: Philly Joe Jones. A Handful of Stars. All The Things You Are. Stairway to the Stars. Susie's Blues. Thanks for the Memory. From ' The Fable of Mabel ':. The Fable of Mabel. He worked with Joe Marsala as early as Cohn stuck with Herman until later sessions in '54, '57, '66, '72, '76, '81 and ' That made him an original member of Herman's Second Herd formed in Cohn distinguished himself as an arranger while with Herman , with whose band he oft played shoulder to shoulder with saxophonist, Stan Getz , and became one of the Four Brothers with Zoot Sims , Herbie Steward and Serge Chaloff , all saxophone players.

The name of that group came from a tune composed by Jimmy Giuffre , 'Four Brothers', the first of many renditions first recorded by Herman's outfit on December 17, That album isn't to be confused w the later trio of saxophonists behind ' The Brothers! With beyond sessions to his name, Cohn backed the Rolodex of jazz. Cohn's first session as a leader had been with a quartet consisting of George Wallington piano Tommy Potter bass Tiny Kahn drums.

That session on July 29, , resulted in the album issued by Savoy as 'Cohn's Tones'. Cohn died of liver cancer in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, on 15 Feb Further reading: Steven Cerra.

More Cohn under Zoot Sims. Interlude Night in Tunisia. Inside Out. Composition: Cohn. Serenade for Kathy. Suddenly It's Spring. From 'Brothers! Cap Snapper. Composition: Bill Perkins. Sioux Zan. Composition: Nat Pierce. The Brothers.

Singin' the Blues. Con Conrad. Joseph Russel Robinson. Joe Young. The Things I Love. We Three. Dick Robertson. Nelson Cogane. Sammy Mysels. Tenor Conclave. It's a Wonderful World. Harold Adamson. Jan Savitt. Johnny Watson. American Haikus. Ah Moore. Just You, Just Me. What the World Needs Now. America the Beautiful. Them There Eyes. No Problem. Al Cohn. Source: Lehigh Valley Music. Source: Movie Morlocks. That Da Da Strain. Lightly Politely.

Composition: John Dankworth. Composition: Charlie Parker. Experiments with Mice. African Waltz. Composition: Galt MacDermot. Music: John Dankworth. Lyrics: Dirk Bogarde. Return from the Ashes. Webster's Mood. With Michael Garrick. Composition: Michael Garrick. A couple more sessions with Kirk followed into He began recording steadily and extensively with his own ensembles and orchestras the next year, but space allotted has us leapfrogging the latter forties into the fifties to arrive to Davis' first tracks with Count Basie , the major figure in his career.

Davis held a couple sessions with Stitt again on 11 November of '81 in Florida. Another of Davis' more memorable associates was organist, Shirley Scott. Davis' 'Cookbook' went down six days later on the 20th w Duvivier and Edgehill featuring flute and tenor sax by Jerome Richardson. Lord's disco traces Scott w Davis to as late as 12 April of toward 'Misty' w Duvivier again replaced by Marshall and Ray Barretto added at congas. Another of Davis' more featuring associates was tenor saxophonist, Johnny Griffin , from to '62 and later in That was also released as 'The Red Blues'.

Louis Blues', 'C Jam Blues', et al. Those were live tracks recorded at the Jazzland in Vienna, Austria, on August Davis died later that year in Culver City, California, on 3 Nov of [ obit ]. Sessions: Jan Evensmo solography ; Tom Lord leading 93 of Echoes of Harlem.

Floogie Boo. Hurry Hurry. You Talk a Little Trash. Happy Birthday. As a result of that lawsuit, the huge royalties that Warner Music had been acquiring from 'Happy Birthday to You' ceased in when the song officially became public domain. The Chef. In the Kitchen. Wild Rice. The Stolen Moment. Composition: Oliver Nelson. High Fry. Take the 'A' Train. I Can't Get Started. Out of Nowhere. Music: Johnny Green.

Lyrics: Edward Heyman. For the Broadway musical 'Funny Face'. Like many sax players he started with clarinet, he eleven, picking up sax before he began to play professionally. Ditto his next session with Kjell in spring of ' 'Blue Lou'. Five By Five'. That's given an issue designation as Pol G.

Our guess is that means Polar Music in Stockholm. As that's so obscure in documentation one thinks it may have been issued at the time. However, not until after a couple sessions with Lulle Ellboj Vinterpalatset Orkester in one for a soundtrack, the next a radio broadcast does Domnerus certainly see vinyl with the Sonora label, that with Diana Miller, recorded October 19, , released as 'The Song in My Heart' bw 'It's Love, Love, Love'.

Brehm had been with Domnerus in Kjell's orkester in One cause for Domnerus' historic position in modern jazz was his invitation to join Parisorkestern with the Swedish Jazz All-Stars. That engagement at the Paris Jazz Fair in May was important for a number of reasons. Domnerus' Sweden had been a neutral power along with Portugal and Switzerland.

Second, up to that time Sweden had been fairly much a jazz hinterland in comparison to the Continent or UK, much less the United States. It was due much to that festival that Swedes came to light on the international scene. Three, it made Domnerus' name. The All-Stars Parisorkestern ensemble held a recording session presently unidentified before attending that event as well.

That would be made available much later as well, on a CD issued in by Phontastic titled, 'Ulf Linde Jazz', a compilation for years —52 featuring Linde vibraphone , Domnerus' Favourite Five and Reinhold Svensson among a cluster of others. Several more sessions in October of '49 on the 6th would also find their way onto 'Favourite Groups'. Among the results of the Jazz Fair in Paris was a much increased interest in Stockholm by American and European musicians. One of those was saxophonist, James Moody , who was living in Europe at the time.

Domnerus had opportunity to perform with visiting Charlie Parker as well in latter He afterward released a steady load of albums nigh thirty into and throughout the nineties. Into the new millennium Domnerus' health began to fail and he retired until his death on 2 September of in Stockholm [obits: 1 , 2 ].

It's Love Love Love. Composition: Jesse Stone. Composition: Johnny Green. Antiphone Blues. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen. Good Vibes at the Pawnshop Jazz Club. High Life. Lady Be Good. Limehouse Blues. After All. He is thought to have been employed by Tommy Dorsey at some time by then. Among the big name musicians with whom Eager collaborated was with West Coast saxophonist Gerry Mulligan.

From latter '47 to latter '48 Eager recorded with pianist, Tadd Dameron , numerously, especially with Dameron 's ensembles. Eager largely retired from the music business in the latter fifties. He would take employment on the ski patrol at the Hunter Mountain ski resort in New York, then enter into professional racecar driving with partner, Denise McCluggage.

Though Eager performed with Charles Mingus at the Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island, recorded with Henri Renaud in Paris in the early sixties and appeared on Frank Zappa 's 'Hot Rats' album released in , he didn't return to the music business until , recording the album, 'Renaissance'. Eager died of lung cancer in in Daytona Beach, Florida [ obit ].

Discos: 1 , 2. Further reading: Gordon Jack. The Music Stopped. Woody Herman w Frances Wayne. Allen's Alley. Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All-Stars. Composition: Denzil Best. All Night, All Frantic. Composition: Herman Lubinsky. And That's for Sure. Composition: William Finegan. Donald Jay. Composition: Allen Eager. Fine and Dandy. Composition: Al Cahn. Nightmare Allen.

Louis, Missourri, Jimmy Forrest , tenor sax, is thought to have begun his career in high school, playing with pianist Eddie Johnson, after which he played with Fate Marable and the Jeter-Pillars Orchestra.

Most information places him with Jay McShann's band for a couple years, beginning in Most sources also agree that he was with Andy Kirk's band in He also worked with Miles Davis and Count Basie.

Forrest also contributed to a few Bennie Green albums about that time time, the first recorded on an unidentified date in [Lord] toward 'Swings the Blues' [Discogs]. It was Blue Mitchell 's 'Blue Mitchell' in Moving past the years Forrest spent w Count Basie , '72 through '77, in he performed in the film, 'Last of the Blue Devils'.

Having led or co-led well above a dozen albums, he died in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on 9 Aug [ obit ]. Lord traces Forrest to as late as the month before on 2 and 3 July in London with trombonist, Al Grey , toward 'O.

Out 'Dere ' Greyforrest GF Further reading: Tom Reney. Roll 'Em. Composition: Williams. Blue Groove. Composition: Forrest. Bolo Blues. Night Train. All the Gin Is Gone. Rocks in My Bed. Soul Street. Black Forrest. He plays with three other sax players and is not at all featured, but a couple of those tracks with Eckstine are included below. Gray didn't know he had only ten years to make his mark but progressed rapidly, his brief career spent backing bands ever in search of the best tenor sax to be found.

Sessions in went toward Gray's album, ' Way Out Wardell '. Several such sessions followed at the Click until June 5. Of Gray's sessions in Lord 15 were as a leader, his first in Hollywood with his quartet on November 23, , for the album, 'One for Prez' one for Lester Young.

Unfortunately Gray's career was permanently abbreviated in It is yet a mystery whether his death was an accident, as ruled, or murder [ 1 , 2 ]. He'd begun using drugs by that time but no end of speculations have arrived to the cause of his death.

Among Gray's comps was 'Twisted' in , to which Annie Ross added lyrics in , to become more famous via Joni Mitchell on her album, 'Court and Spark'. Other compositions by Gray.

Sessions: 1 , 2 , Lord; solographies: Evensmo-Accardi: 1 , 2. Transcriptions by Alex Hoffman. YouTube channel. Further reading: Mark Ladenson ; Victor Schermer. Easy Living. Thought to have begun recording with Brown that year, most were radio broadcasts not issued at the time until a session in November for V-Disc saw release in '44, such as 'Just for a Day' with Roberta Lee and 'Mexican Hat Dance'. McKusick then joined the Boyd Raeburn Orchestra in McKusick stuck with Raeburn through though would appear on Raeburn 's album, 'Boyd Meets Stravinski', and also sit in Raeburn 's band for a January session in yielding 'Fine and Mellow' with Ginnie Powell and 'Creole' among others.

While with Raeburn McKusick had played alongside Dizzy Gillespie who had been Raeburn 's arranger on a couple earlier sessions. McKusick isn't thought to have recorded with Gillespie again, but with considerably above a couple hundred sessions per his career he backed all number of musicians large and small. They next found themselves performing with Buddy Rich before Giuffre joined McKusick's ensemble for a time. McKusick first recorded with vibraphonist, Terry Gibbs , in '51, later in , also putting down numerous titles with trombonist, Tommy Shepard, in ' He also began recording with trombonist, Urbie Green , in '54 Med Flory Orchestra , numerous sessions to follow both with other groups and Green 's own into Arranger, Manny Albam, figured large in many of McKusick's sessions from '55 to '58, as well as arrangements by pianist, George Russell , from '56 to He would back Prince in '59 on 'Saxes, Inc.

McKusick would set numerous tracks with Evans in association with Russell , other bands and McKusick's own. Dinah Washington changed his atmosphere in Claire Sings'. McKusick performed with the CBS Studio Orchestra in NYC from '58 into , after which he moved to Long Island and semiretirement from the music industry while pursuing such as photography, antiques restoration and piloting charter airplanes. He died on 11 April of [obits: 1 , 2 ].

Select YouTube: 1 , 2. Interviews: Marc Myers 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5. Give Em' Hal. Minor Matters. The Blues Train. Tommy Hawk. From McKusick's ' Jazz at the Academy '.

Irresistible You. La Rue. Kenton was Pepper's mainstay for another eight years, he last sitting in with Kenton 's orchestra on December 7, , per 'Entrance Into the City' and 'The Structures'.

Among his more significant partners during his early career was arranger and trumpeter, Shorty Rogers , first working together with Kenton in They would play side by side with Kenton through the fifties as well as back each other's bands. Pepper's would become a name famously associated with West Coast jazz, but not without some trials. As with rock and roll, drugs were a part of the culture of jazz, especially as it bloomed into modern jazz.

Pepper did the cycle of drugs upon jazz upon drugs upon jazz, heroin his preferred high. Unlike some others, however, drugs didn't seem to damage his musical abilities: addicted, but apparently to measure. His career was interrupted, though, by several incarcerations for drug possession in the fifties and sixties. The same ensemble recorded 'The Late Show' the same day at the Surf Club, that appearing as tardily as aptly later in Both of those saw reissue as Vol.

They supported Rogers on 'Modern Sounds' on 8 Oct It was when Pepper married his third wife, Laurie, who helped him write his memoir, 'Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper', published by Schirmer Books in [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ]. Laurie would be responsible for bringing numerous unheard sessions by Pepper to release upon founding Widow's Taste Records in Pepper died of cerebral hemorrhage in Los Angeles at the relatively young age of 56 on 15 June [ obit ].

Facebook tributes: 1 , 2. See also Laurie Pepper: 1 , 2 , 3 ; Widow's Taste: 1 , 2. The majority of tracks for year below are from the album, 'Art Pepper meets The Rhythm Section'.

Brown Gold. What's New? You Go to My Head. Birk's Works. Jazz Me Blues. Composition: Tom Delaney. Red Pepper Blues. Tin Tin Deo. Waltz Me Blues. Mambo Jumbo. D i s - moi c o mm ent tu agis envers ces gens les demandeurs d'asile et les migrants sans papiers e t je te dirai qui tu e s. The way we act towards these people asylum seeker s and undocumented mig ra nts is the w ay we ar e.

I say t his knowing ful l well the tragic p as t that h as some tim es haunted th is part of the world. I do believ e that f olk wisdom is. It's like there's this guy with something living. Ecris-mo i e t dis-moi t o uj ours en toute franchise ce q u e tu p e ns es de mon [ W ri te to me and tell me w ith t ot al fra nk ness wha t you t hin k of my work.

There is a danger that this practice will end up once again. Dis-moi : es t-ce q u e toi , tu p o ur rais faire que la [ And nothin g happe ned. Tell me: can you m ake r ai n fall [ Dis-moi , l ui fit remarquer Paco, en venant nous voir, sa va i s - tu s i t out se passerait bien? Tell me, wh en y ou cam e to us, d id you kn ow whether the situation would end satisfactorily?

Victims may feel that they have regained some of the control which they had lost and which the traditional system does. We h op e that t hi s inquiry will, at long last, provide answers to the quest io ns that ha ve haunted th e v ictim s' families [ I should li ke to say a few wo rds a bo ut this terrible p robl em, which h as plagued ou r s ociet ie s since [ Tel l me w here you l iv e - and I' ll t ell you who you are!

When I aske d her, "Tell me, Le dje, you don 't put out this way for just anybody, eh? So, let's see, w hat a re you st udyin g now? I r ina , tell me wh at you fel t w hen you hel d my hand? August 19, at pm. Victor C. Brunswick says:. November 6, at am. It makes me wonder if it was indeed Jack Whittingham who wrote the song in July 18, at am. H J Hill says:. September 14, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Harry Potter là một Tôn Ngộ Không kiểu Anh của thế giới công nghiệp hiện đại. Cũng như Tôn Ngộ Không, Harry Potter hào hiệp, khẳng khái, thông minh đến tinh quái, hiếu kỳ, hiếu học, kính thầy, yêu bạn, căm ghét thế lực hắc ám.

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  1. Aug 08,  · Harry Bidgood And His Broadcasters (Broadcast mx Z41) During the mid to late s Harry Bidgood led the in-house studio band for Vocalion Records in England (its former parent, the American Vocalion label, was acquired by Brunswick in ).
  2. Mar 09,  · The Doll Dance / Clap Yo' Hands, a Single by Harry Bidgood and His Broadcasters. Released in on Broadcast (catalog no. ; Vinyl Non-Standard Size).4/5(1).
  3. Nov 29,  · Harry Bidgood and His Broadcasters - Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky - Duration: Andy LeMaitre views. Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others -- .
  4. Jul 21,  · SME (on behalf of Syco Music); BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, LatinAutor - UMPG, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor - SonyATV, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, EMI Music Publishing, SOLAR.
  5. Apr 11,  · Espero que les guste Gracias por todo el apoyo estoy muy feliz por que cada dia crecemos Mas Los amo besitos a todos espero disculpen si tardo demasiado.
  6. Harry được cho là có chút căng thẳng với anh trai và không muốn sống đối diện nhà của William - Kate trong Điện Kensington. - Ngôi sao.
  7. Jun 02,  · Dios Mio No me maten pero Harry Se volvió a equivocar al creer que hizo una cosa cuando en realidad termino haciendo todo lo contrario jajaa Espero les guste besitos.
  8. Theo ông Morton, sau khi nhìn thấy bố mẹ xảy ra tranh cãi gay gắt, "cậu bé Harry đã xông tới tấn công, dùng tay đấm vào chân bố một cách vô ích". Harry, người mới 11 tuổi khi bố mẹ ly hôn, đã hét lên rằng: "Con ghét bố, con ghét bố, bố làm mẹ khóc rồi".
  9. a farm hand who lives with the Larsons. Orly. the deputy who takes Me to the Larson's farm. Glennis. Harris's 14 year old sister. 9. Harris's age. an inflated frog. Harris is holding behind his back when he first meets Me "dourty" pictures. part of Me's private stash that he .

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