Ex Nihilo - Isa Christ - Soundtracks For Last Summer (Cassette, Album)

The beauty of Christmas music is its universal appeal. It can be sung in any language and across all genres. What better performer to bring his generous spirit to holiday tunes than country icon George Strait?

For those who are tired of the same holiday standards, look no further than the soulful stylings of funk-soul icons The Isley Brothers.

With the legendary production duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis at the helm, they steer this ship into more funky territory, keeping the holiday spirit throughout the album, which includes eight classics and two original tracks. The smooth crooner is here to deliver warm, holiday tidings with the vinyl release of his Christmas album.

Here, dissensions among assemblies and theological schools are silenced, and hymnists from every age and sector of the Christian Church raise one voice to glorify one Lord and Savior.

Here, Christ is the theme of all ages, tongues, and creeds; the divine harmony over all human and cosmic discords; and the summing up of all things in the heavens and on earth. Hymns should be simple, full of the experiences of Christ, the appreciation for Christ, and in some measure elevated above mere prose.

A desirable hymnbook may be compared to a majestic building, with foundations made solid by accurate truth and sound doctrine, its superstructure elevated with the spirit of poetry, and its interior compartments containing the radiance of spirituality. Spirituality has been the fundamental test in our choice of hymns more often than high poetic literary style.

Song credits — Additional film music — songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list, but are playing in the movie. Listen to full songs where available. Watch the trailer for The Case for Christ. Beautiful instrumental that begins at Thank you! I too would like to know the name and artist who sang the last song during the end credits of this movie … something about make me believe … or let me believe …. I missed his last name and have tried searching for it as well, without success at this point.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. BMI Haywch. DM Ga cn. BMVNew Don. BMI flew Hayes. BMl-flfl the Wad. BMlSen Fetes. Wand Bound. Up-to-date magazine debuted on the Internet Feb. According to editor Walter de Sih a, the magazine's objective is to cover the many facets of Brazilian music. Conference update: The show- case lineups are set for Billboard's sev- enth annual International Latin Music Conference, slated for Apr.

Following are the participating acts in alphabetical order. Please note that Sony and RMM will feature two acts in their allotted performance slots. Ofertas todos los meses. Envi'os a todas partes del mundo. Zabala Capital Federal Buenos Aires. Astudillo's publishing activities are han- dled by his own publishing company, Peace Rock Music. Quin- tanilla III, brother of Selena.

A 15 ll. To insure room, please make reservation by April 6th and state that you're with the Billboard Latin Music Conference. This form may be duplicated — please type or print clearly.

No refund will be issued for cancellations received after April 1 1th. London is also setting up dedicated lines of communication with radio and retail for its "Fab Four.

A "persistent" PR firm has been engaged to contact retailers directly twice a month to foster grass- roots interest. The firm will arrange for retailers to talk to artists, give away tickets, and encourage in-store play. The full gamut of marketing tools — including CD samplers, videos, and brochures — will support the cam- paign. Fleming's next recording, Mozart arias with Sir Charles Mackerras, is due in Sep- tember, the soprano also has some tour dates, as well as performances in "Cos.

Fan Time," at the Met in the fall. Thibaudet has a complete Debussy "Preludes" coming out in the fall or early and a major tour next spring. London has Bartoli-style hopes for Gheorghiu, who has already generat- ed considerable interest: A visit to the U.

Product is coming out fast to support those hopes. Gheorghiu's debut solo record, featuring French and Italian opera arias with orchestra, was recorded in December and will be out April 16; not surprisingly, it will include two cuts from "Boheme. The Gheorghiu push should contin- ue beyond the "Young Virtuosos" cam- paign. As for some of Sony's U. Salonen and the L. A Philharmonic will perform in New York during the week of Monday 18 ; one of their dates is an Alice Tully Hall concert of the orches- tra's new music ensemble that will include the premiere of the maestro's composition "Kloof.

The "Requiem" is particularly lovely. WL WlS6. I5 98! Of America R1AA certification fof sales of , units. AM albums available on cassette and CD. Saxophonists surround themselves with other hornsmen or go it alone with a trio. Bassists make solo records and perfonn duets with vibists. Following fancies and expressing options is a common occur- rence in jazz.

Yet pianist Jacky Terrasson is resolute about recording in a trio set-up, with bass and drums at his side. In doing so, he deeply understands his strengths. IS for the week ending March 9; this week it sits at No. Its stature is a bit of a surprise. Though laden with enticing melodies, "Reach" is hardly a commer- cial venture in the standard use of the term.

It is, in fact, art, full of the sublime bandying anil deep subtleties that are the essence of jazz. Generating those exchanges and nuances is part of the reason the pianist is so staunch about sustaining a trio. I feel the freest in a trio; I like the concept of playing togeth- er with the musicians. This band is not about when I take a solo they accompany me, and when [bassist] Uganna Okeg- wo takes a solo we accompany him; it's about constant inter- play.

That's what's going on. The start of a world tour to spotlight the "Reach" material, it made obvi- ous the level of concord the unit is capable of attaining. That's quite an achievement, given that the shows marked the state- side debut of new drummer Clarence Penn. Leon Parker, the drummer who helped craft the trio's sound since mid- , is no longer on board the Terrasson ship.

He was unique and great — very much a percussionist, that Leon. We made interesting music together. But I was hearing something different. Leon had the smaller drum set; Clarence plays a full kit plus extra pieces. His sonic palette is wider. March he plays Jazz at the Bistro in St. Louis; April finds him at Catalina's in Los Angeles.

From there, the threesome goes to Jajian. An NPR radio profile is scheduled to air sometime this month. And it's predictable that Cyrus Chestnut, another pianist known for dazzling trio work, will join the pair when "Earth Stories" is issued by Atlantic March Unlike his last two releases, this disc has Chestnut augmenting his threesome with a few killer solo tracks u well as tunes with a horn section consisting of trumpeter E J.

Allen, alto sax- ophonist Antonio Hart, and tenor saxophonist Steve Car- rington. Maybe that balances the fact that longtime fusion practitioner Joe Sample has basically unplugged for his lat- est Warner Bros, disc, "Old Places Old Faces. Here's to the power of modifi- cation. Sample plavs Cambridge, Mass.

ShoTS: Eugene Gologursky's striking photographs of jazz musicians haw earned his work a place at The New York Times, down beat, and other publications.

A retrospective of his pieces from will hang at New York's Iridium club through April Fernandez, who mostly performed ranchera standards, was aided by the excellent vocals and musicianship of opening act Mariachi Sol De Mexico. Halfway through his set, Fernandez upped the emotional pitch of his admir- ers by performing his current hit bal- lad, "Quien," taken from his latest self- titled effort on PolyGram Latino, and "La Mochila Azul," which goes back to his days as a child star.

The big-voiced singer later linked up with Banda La Movida to belt out festive banda numbers from her hit album "Tesoro. Despite the set's upbeat tempo and Beltran's inviting votes, the crowd was low-key, even during her most popular songs, such as 'Tesoro" and "Hasta Que Amanezca. When simple people like ourselves crit- icize something, we do it in a spirit of making things better. If what we have said is a lie, we would apologize. Anka, who was huge in Latin Amer- ica in the '50s and '60s, reached No.

Top Jazz Albums. Lju:' L. A RIAA certification tor sales ol 1 million units with each additional million indicated by a numeral following the symbol. All albums available on cassette and CD. By , when it was sold to Harman Interna- tional, Studer had been significantly downsized and had undergone an equally significant corporate cultural change. Despite its long success with consoles elsewhere in the world, Stud- er was perceived in the U.

The company believes it is now better positioned to go after the U. Those companies then hired the spe- cialist employees who previously ran those divisions at Studer.

The move improved Studer's ability to respond to changes in the industry while allowing the company to continue to assure component quality. But the change to software-based and digital products in audio equipment marie this change necessary. The company initially followed the dig- ital turnpike into a temporary cul-de- sac in the mid-'80s by pursuing a lin- ear digital 2-track format, a market eventually dominated by DAT. But Studer returned with the D track digital DASH-format machine with a proprietary track, bit option , of which 27 have been sold in the U.

It will, Hochstrasser says, continue to gain market share on the current leader in the format, Sony. But the D offers significant advantages to users, and it has built up considerable momentum in the market since its introduction. The idea behind the set, which is clearly not a "cover" album, was to take Nelson's music into a new realm, according to Jamail, who is president of Houston-based Justice Records and producer of the Nelson project.

Then we did a run-through with the other guys, who had rehearsed their parts. In so many words, I said, 'Guys, why are we doing this? This is a simple, three-chord ballad. Congratula- tions! It all seemed to make sense, that we were merging the two kinds of music. Now that I've listened to it, I'm very proud of it. The push for U. S broadcasters stems from a combination of change in Studer's newly refocused corporate culture and the increased demand for more sophisticated broadcast audio here, according to Hochstrasser.

We had to do a lot of homework in preparing for this. But U. So the time is right for approaching the market more aggressively and for us to bring new technology and our experience with systems design to them.

Hochstrasser also believes that Studer's reputation for Swiss precision and reliability will appeal to U. Another advantage that, he says, will work for Studer is the company's abil- ity to customize products; he cites more than 1 00 module types for its series analog consoles.

Studer's willingness to follow the cost-conscious market rather than try to lead it with engineering is reflected in Hochstrasser's allusion to the immi- nent release of Studer's cost-effective modular digital multitrack system, which would signal a radical departure from the large machines historically associated with the company.

As for the analog tape decks that have been the company's perennial product base in the U. But he stresses that the company's future emphasis will be on digital stor- age, routing, processing, and systems design. But we didn't change the level of quality that Studer has traditionally stood for. It is a total reinvention of the song. One of the ways in which Jamail accomplished this readjustment was by sending tapes of recently complet- ed sessions to the next batch of bands that were on their way to the studio.

After the bands got into the right mind-set, the next thing Jamail had to get through their heads was that they were passing some type of Willie Nel- son litmus test. Once the artists strapped on their instruments, they were forced to face the fact that Jamail records only one way: live. Jamail's other trick is that he records purely outside of the digital domain. It's been his recent belief that the goal of any track should be to keep it as open and honest as possible to what is actually recorded.

All the reverbs were rooms that we created that were live chambers. Any kind of delays were tape delays that we set," he says. Once you start going down the road with all the digital toys and start adding and changing and reshaping the music in the mix, then you can get really bogged down. Although he learned to produce music while working on his own material "Nobody else was going to trust me with theirs," he says , it was a chance session with jazz vibra- phonist Harry Sheppard that put Jamail behind the desk for the first time.

It turned out Sheppard wasn't quite ready to record, so Jamail made an album with one of the artist's guest vocalists, Kellye Gray. Of course, that was back in the mid- '80s, when the digital world was begin- ning to dominate the recording indus- try.

Neve was just getting ready to come out with their new automated console, and I was working on this completely archaic board where I had to do all my mutes live," recalls Jamail. It taught me how to listen to instruments, use microphones, use various speeds on tape machines — all to get things to sound a certain way.

In late , Jamail — a longtime friend of Nelson's — produced the artist's "Moonlight Becomes You," a record of pop standards in the vein of his landmark "Stardust" album from Following the "Moonlight" release, Jamail found himself in the "serendip- itous circumstance" of recording "The Papal Concert To Commemorate The Holocaust," a live album performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Gilbert Levine.

One of them was Waylon, and his records didn't scare me any- more. Jennings remembers that meeting as well. I had missed it, too. I knew it was gone, although it had come back periodically. It's that environment that creates that edge. It's that thing that happens when an artist just about loses control and then has to find a way to get it back," says Jamail. That quality was not lost on Jen- nings during the recording process. The thing he said, and he hasn't varied from it, was that he was- n't in the music business; he makes music.

When somebody can do that with me, I respect that," Jennings adds, with a laugh that means he's not really kidding. Afanasieff M. Worldwide Distribution: Studer, Hegensdoif. Record labels in this decade continue bo provide a torrent of CDs that document new r musicals; to retrieve, sometimes with cutting-floor additions, the titles of the golden era of show music; and to offer noteworthy CD boxed sets.

The label has also released the first in a planned series of cast albums that are making their first appearance on CD Bill- board, Feb. Another major project, which has just been introduced by Time Life Music, is a projected volume series called "The Best Of Broadway: Great Showstoppers From Stage And Screen," which will offer tracks licensed from various labels that cover a period similar to that of the MCA boxed set.

In revivals of classic shows, two new releases from Broadway Angel will com- pete with their original-cast counterparts, although the newcomers will contain music and songs not found on the older sets.

Last year's revival of Stephen Sondheim's lanr Imark musical ' "Company" is now avail- able and joias the Columbia cast album in the show-music bins. Hans W Sikorski, the elder statesman of German nwsic pub- lishing, celebrated his 70th birthday March It has been almost 30 years since he first took over Sikorski Internationale Musi kvorl age.

Sikorski, president of the company, has always devoted his attention to cul- tural links with Eastern Europe, espe- cially with the former Soviet Union. His company, which publishes pop and classical music copyrights, is the agent for virtually all the major works written by Russian composers in the 20th cen- tury Sikorski has a keen interest in German contemporary music.

The company has also signed long-term contracts with impoitant mask' jHiblishers in many other Western countries and is now the agent for the catalogs of G.

Union Musical Ediciones Spain. Sikorski also plays a leading role in numerous professional bodies and organi- zations. He is VP of the Assn. He sits on the committees or serves as trustee of numerous associa- tions that support and encourage music and music-maidng. GEMA has conferred upon him the rare distinction of honorary mem- bership, and he has received the hon- orary title of professor from the Senate of the Hamburg and coveted decorations from the president of Germany through its studio paces.

From London, Broadway Angel has released a revival-east album of Jerry Herman's "Mack And Mabel," which had only 6fi performances during its original Broathvay run in However, the show has achieved something of a cult status, especially in England, as evidenced by its current successful run.

From Sony Classical, a studio record- ing of a classic is now available. This version, which is competing with MCAs CD release of an album originally recorded by Kapp Records, is strong on crossover sensibilities. The show-music album surge is limited to productions with either long runs or a cult following. In January. It is based on an original story about a to-oth- er and a sister and covers a year span stalling in Another release, from Original Cast Records, is from a show that is yet to receive a production.

Pi-esident" , with a score by Irving Berlin. Commemorating A Collection. August WiniBMI. Metromedia, in turn, sold them to a fonner publishing oper- ation owned by The New York Times. Arthur Valando, brother of Tommy Valando, will not continue with the company. Titers and musical scores which chronicle the his- tory of the American theater. Baltimore-based Tara Publica- tions is celebrating the city's anniver- sary from the Jewish perspective with a collection of dozens of songs.

Called "Jerusalem In Song," the col- lection was compiled, edited, and ar- ranged by Velv- et 1'asternak, who founded the company 25 years ago. The material is divided into four categories: secular, liturgi- cal, songs with piano accompa- niment, and choral arrangements. Burns recorded the song, "Easy Money," while in a wheelchair he used after suffering a stroke. Burns made several albums in his career; one of them, "Grade: A Love Story," won a Grammy for best spoken- word recording.

Alanis Morissette, "Jagged Little Pill. The national recording industry association, Malaysian Assn. Previously, charts were compiled from company-provided figures based on units shipped to retailers. To promote the chart and the artists it features, MAPV is to produce a tele- vision show to coincide with each week's listings.

Three half-hour shows, one for each of the country's national languages — Malay. English, and Chi- nese — will air weekly. Profits from the programs will be used to finance anti-piracy efforts. Malaysia has no singles market, so the top 10 listing will be based on album sales.

However, Beh Suat Pheng, managing director of EMI here, who is responsible for determining the rules and regulations of the new chart, says, "To facilitate exposure via the chart show, the record company will have to nominate a particular or key song, even though it's not a single. MAPV aims to increase that number to by Each retail outlet will be equipped with machines that automatically transmits sales transactions.

MAPV chairman Tony Fernandes admits that convincing retailers to embrace the new accounting system will be difficult. However, he feels that a chart system will benefit all sectors of the industry.

The organization also says its data dis- proves claims that music piracy in the country is at record levels for a mature market. Nonetheless, FIMI's figures show mixed results with the market value of shipments up 6. FIMI president Gerolamo Caccia, who is also president of Warner Music Italy, explains that price increases last year accounted for a rise in revenues at a time when the number of units sold dropped.

Since most of our product is imported, we suffered from the weakness of the lira and had to par- tially pass the increased cost to the consumer through a 3. FIMI assistant director general Carlo Minazzi adds, "In addition to higher prices, there were so many releases of major new domestic and international artists last year that more of the top-range CDs were sold.

Therefore, direct com- parisons with figures are not strictly correct. No compar- isons supplied. Caccia says that FIMI's figures rep- resent domestic shipments without taking into account income from roy- alty payments or exports. Two things are vital to expand the market in the forthcoming year a con- tinued exploration of new distribution channels to better deliver our product to potential customers, and continuing to invest in the lifeblood of our indus- try — new artists.

IFPI has previously obtained injunctions against discos and karaoke lounges in Malaysia for nonpayment of royalties. Petersburg, Russia, June The organizer, U. Coordinat- ed by the British Phonographic Industry, the raids also netted documenta- tion and cash. The organizing committee has decided to separate the posts of director general of the awards and producer of the television show.

Since the creation of the Victoires 1 1 years ago, both duties have been handled by former journalist Claude Fleouter and his TV pro- duction company. Telescope Audio- visuel. In addition, the organizers are to review the structure of the voting college and draft a new code of prac- tice.

By splitting the two functions, the members of the Victoires Assn. He will now concentrate on the production of the show and leave the political and organizing issues, including negotiations with the channel transmitting the show, to a director general, who will report to the board.

The director general has not yet been appointed. The board has expressed its confi- dence in Fleouter for one year only and will review the situation in The nomination of Stephend, a virtually unknown artist, in the up-and-coming female artist category raised some eye- brows. And when she emerged as the winner in this category, many ques- tions were asked. Stephend is under a recording con- tract with Denys Limon, co-organiz- er of the Victoires and a partner in Telescope Audiovisuel.

Stephend's first album, licensed and released in by RCA, sold fewer than 1, copies. RCA handed back her con- tract, and she remained contractual- ly tied to Limon.

Fleouter says he has had no involvement with Stephend's career. When Stephend appeared on the nominee list, Fleouter offered to re- move her name, but the board decided that the action came too late.

After the second round, when Stephend was chosen as winner, journalists and members of the Vic- toires Assn. The Victoires electoral college is made up of 3, professionals from all areas of the music industry. No evidence of cheating was re- vealed. Stephend clearly emerged as the winner, with votes, vs. But as one industry source says, "It is more a case of traffic of influ- ence than cheating.

Most retailers have not yet calculat- ed sales increases by units, but all those contacted by Billboard report a definite boost to the market in the first two months of the year. The year-old duty applied not only to music but to several other con- sumer items. The Danish tax authori- ty says that the tax was repealed because it was complicating competi- tion between importers and retailers.

The rate was applied to the wholesale price of a CD plus transport costs. Retailers took varying amounts of time to physically adjust prices: Some were slow to do so, as winter clearance sales in January make it a profitable month, and some wanted to test what the market would bear.

There were some skirmishes among stores on pric- ing, but within a few weeks, product at virtually all outlets reflected the absence of the extra tax.

Some rumors circulated that labels would raise wholesale prices to fill the gap, but this has not happened. One Copenhagen retailer says, "Very soon, 20 independent shops will place full-page advertisements in newspapers. However, German federal author- ities appear adamant that despite the live-music industry's deep con- cerns, there will be no change in the regulations.

Pinkpop organizer Jan Smeets says, "The duration of the deal fully coincides with the contract concerning the festival premises in Landgraff. The maximum capacity of the now three- day festival, which will run May Willem van Beusekom, head of Nederland 3, says, "We have to pro- file ourselves strongly in the ongo- ing fight with the commercial sta- tions, so pop music in general and Pinkpop in particular fit in well within our plans for this culture- based third net" The presence of numerous pro- motion staffers from majors and indies alike at the March 5 official announcement of the festival's line- up and TV deal is proof of the increasing impact of pop music on Dutch TV An appearance at Pink- pop is widely seen as a major mar- keting tool in album sales.

Report- edly, Oasis was to have topped the bill but was not available for the fes- tival dates. The German authorities are also to reassess touring artists' tax payments for the last six years. Grafton Greene said, "We put very clearly to him the economic basis of touring and said, 'You're going to destroy the business.

It is totally intolerable and makes no sense. Americans however, can get a tax credit. Greene says, "Until [German au- thorities] can be convinced that peo- ple will not go to Germany, nothing will change. We will have to convince them that they will have no profits to tax if no one goes.

It would also be difficult to administer because of Germany's state federation. Grafton Greene's committee on the issue has resolved to ask for a ruling from Hauser on the option of forming a production company in Germany in order to be able to pay tax on net income. However, this would still leave vulnerable those artists who bring their own produc- tion with them.

The conference discussed ways in which a campaign against the new tax structures could be effective. One suggestion was that the German system could be argued to be a restraint of trade and therefore con- trary to European Union free-trade legislation. Leading German concert promot- er Marcel Avram proposed an infor- mal ILMC group, to be composed of different sectors of the industry, to tackle the issue. This seemed to con- fuse many delegates, who were not sure whether the group was to add to the present committee under Grafton Greene or would be the beginning of a new industrywide body.

It was recognized, though, that ur- gent action is needed at all levels, including lobbying governments, involving record companies, and a boycott of German shows. The German live-sector represen- tatives in particular felt that direct political pressure would be too slow and not necessarily successful. Much more effective, they suggest- ed, would be a high-profile media campaign, with major artists to appeal directly to the German audi- ence and point out the likelihood of a sudden cessation of shows by their favorite artists.

The Music of DC Comics: Vol. 2 - Vinyl EditionFirst Pressing Limited Edition of 1, Copies Music On Vinyl / At the Movies (MOVATM) Released: October 3, Format: Vinyl (64 min).

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