Avogrado Number - Sci Fi Industries - Dead People On Stylish Chairs (CD, Album)

On the rainy night of October 2, , eight characters waiting on a remote bus station for a bus heading to Mexico City start experiencing a strange phenomenon. The story about a woman that must survive to an alien parasite invasion that have taken all the town where she is. Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller Announced. Director: Thomas J. Churchill Star: Kelly Lynn Reiter.

An Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy about a future where the government has learned how to create a virtual reality heaven and hell for our souls when we die. PG min Sci-Fi Announced. Toronto it has been years since the unexplained outbreak.

Most humans have perished and the world has collapsed. A few humans have survived and Jonas lives with his son Tim inside the Powerful and enigmatic entities begin appearing all over the world.

After one shows up in the town of Great Falls, Montana, the local citizens must grapple with the dramatic effects and growing mystery of repeated visitations. A "reimagining" of the sci-fi film about a crew that finds a lost ship inside a black hole. Votes: 7, A young girl tries to understand how she mysteriously gained the power to set things on fire with her mind. A guy gets his hands on an experimental drug that allows people to travel at incredible speeds. Not long after John Chambers and his family arrive at their new home in a small country town of Pennsylvania, John begins to experience sleep paralysis.

Lying there paralyzed, trapped Not Rated 79 min Sci-Fi, Thriller. A kidnapped girl is rescued by a young boy, and in return is compelled to save him from the horrors that lie in his home. Votes: Action, Adventure, Drama Announced. An American scientific research facility opens a portal to a hostile alien world, who begin to invade the earth. A dark science fiction thriller set in an underground world of body modification with technology. An innocent alien from a distant planet arrives on Earth.

Assuming human form, the alien interacts with people in a harmless and friendly manner. But hot on his trail is a violent alien who A sci-fi history of mankind told from the perspective of angels. The Record Keeper, Raina, works in Heaven's administrative offices tracking events unfolding on earth.

A futuristic society encounters a computer virus that has the ability to scramble people's brains. R 94 min Drama, Sci-Fi. Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind.

Votes: 6, In a world where failed attempts at genetic perfection leave every new generation dead by age 25, Rhine Ellery is kidnapped and sold to a sadistic scientist as a bride for his son. Miners enter the re-opened 'IdaBelle' silver mine from the 's and find much more than they expected.

Sealed in by faulty explosives and the fight to survive prehistoric creatures these souls work tirelessly trying to find a way out. A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one.

However, things start to get out of control. Five young prodigies assaulted in New York's Central Park plot the perfect revenge. Strange things begin to happen when a group of friends gather for a dinner party on an evening when a comet is passing overhead.

R 91 min Action, Drama, Sci-Fi. In efforts to construct perfect android killing machines in a war against China, UK scientists exceed their goal and create a sentient robot. Director: Caradog W. Votes: 29, A machine interrogating a captured alien pilot during a war between the two rival forces.

Star: David Masterson. Short, Sci-Fi. After super-villains obliterate Chicago in , those Americans fortunate enough to have powers must either work for the US government or go underground. Today, the legendary Patriot leads Travelers from outer space known as Titans make their way on Earth with humans they can connect with telepathically. Tell Your Friends Share this list:.

Tell us what you think about this feature. Other Lists by ElMaruecan The 'Roger Carel' poll Memorable Torso Movie Scenes. Billy Wilder's Classic Closing Lines.

Sebastian Herkner 's collection of bistro and coffee tables are supported by a base that looks like a large stone emerging from the ground.

Called Vesper, the tables also have a smooth table top, like a wooden cutting board, to create a welcoming environment for restaurants. The designs were presented at Milan's Salone del Mobile furniture fair, which took place from 12 to 17 April For more information about the products, visit the Sancal website.

Previous products by the brand include furniture that pieces together like a puzzle and a suspended acoustic shade designed for meeting rooms. The game is heavy with options and features. Each colony you trade in has its own government and economy the police in Lexington port are always open to bribery, for example , and possibly even wars.

Such complexity does call for a big manual, although the one for this game could certainly be better designed. Gametek also includes a collection of quite good short stories that take place in the First Encounters universe and provide some clues about how to proceed. Fortunately, the game options let you do just that. When it comes to game controls, in-station functions are fairly simple and accessible via mouse-clickable icons.

The game also can be computer-numbing. Stay away from II- begin by trading goods between colonies, with ample opportunities to build your fortune by dealing in legal—and illegal—substances. But now, their C. Via your modem or phone you can compete with other L executive candidates to take over as C. So, manage your empire wisely — At A-IV, success equals succession. You enter the game as the CEO of one such organization, competing against three other conglomerates.

To accomplish these objectives, you must survey United Nations-designated energy sites and cut deals with different governments based on survey-team findings. Such p tactics may succeed, or you may end up at the receiving end of the nastiness. Visually, PowerFIouse is a charmer This Windows-based Super VGA game bears some resemblance to the isometric perspective of SimCity , complete with distinctive icons, cascading menus, plenty of optional overlays, and easy-to- analyze reports.

The high-quality photographs, music, and speech are well-chosen to suit the game, though the full- motion video is as with so many games noninteractive fluff that adds no atmosphere and just gets in the way. Given the complexity of the game with more than a dozen different icons to click , a few online aids would have really helped. Instead, you just have to wait for them. Nor does SimTower work all that well as a creative toy.

When the last bit of concrete is poured and the last tenant moves in, SimTower has replicated little of the majesty of the soaring structures it claims to model. A toy allows for creativity and free play. Sounds intriguing. The simulation seems deep, too. It tracks the stress and're! Worse, the Maxis folks seem unable to adequately explain proper elevator management.

I mean, it just looks so easy. We all know the rules, and they taught us the physics in elementary school. Virtual Pool is a combination high-tech pool simulator and tutor, complete with video segments on everything from basic shot techniques to multiball trick shots. The section on masse shots is particularly impressive. Once you start to play, you have a variety of options. Play is amazingly simple, considering the amount of control you get.

You make shots with combinations of mouse movements and key presses. Want some English on the ball? Press the E key and move the mouse to position the tip of your cue. You can even turn on the tracking option to see exactly where all the balls will go after you hit them.

Want even more help? Hit Alt-K and the computer will line up your best shot. Super VGA graphics provide crisp, 3-D balls that move just like the real thing. Even the sounds will remind you of your last trip to the neighborhood pool hall. Interplay also should have included some video controls, so you could stop, fast-forward, or rewind to watch some of the more interesting tips and trick shots in more detail.

Finally, a playable, preset list of trick shots, such as those demonstrated by Mr. Butera, would have further increased the enjoyment level of Virtual Pool.

Virtual Pool is a great example of what a game simulation can be. Not at all— for the resort is waiting with countless mysteries to be solved. Morada is the setting for Modus Operandi, a real-time multiplayer game developed by Simutronics and available through the GEnie online service. Every player receives monthly wages, but the extra cash from Great game? It allows you to vital-equipment: binoculars, lock-picking kits, even psychic energy readers.

What you can use depends in large part on the career choice and skills you initially select There are eight professions in all, each with certain benefits. A mix of careers and skills is necessary to solve the more advanced mysteries in Modus Operandi. Rewards are split by a successful team, and everybody gains status. Visually speaking, Modus Operandi is a special case-a text adventure.

Interacting with the interface is accomplished by typing full sentences or keywords. As a result, expect to spend long hours in the company of your sleuthful peers, solving the endless mysteries of Modus Operandi. Buy and sell goods to make your fortune Your only interac- in the game portion of Marco Polo. The sound track is somewhat better, featuring a variety of period music.

Watch a narrated slide show of video and photographs or read through screen after screen of text chronicling the life of Marco Polo and the history of the Mongols. The trial included a trek across sacred grounds, a perilous outrigger voyage, and a treacherous dive in a shark-infested grotto.

Zig Zag is a word game in the true sense of the, well, word. To win, you must discover a secret word by carefully entering test words in crossword puzzle-like spaces. After entering each test word, you deduce which letters are also in the secret word by seeing if you score any points. To gamer a zag and points, a letter in your test word must also be in the secret word. For a zig worth 1, points, a matching letter must also have the same placement in the two words. But once you get the hang of things, Zig Zag is both challenging and fun.

To help you out, the manual is easy to understand, and the disc includes three full-length game examples. Well, pine away no longer; Mac fans: These high- octane megahits are now available for you. While the Mac versions of each game mimic their PC predecessors in nearly every way, there are a few subtle graphical differences. And gamers lucky enough to own a Power Mac can view all the Dark Forces action in high- resolution graphics. Fortunately, in both cases it is.

In the nit-picking category, moving to the Mac messed up the default keyboard controls on both games. The new versions of these instant classics will make Doomheads and Dark-Forcers out of the rest of us. Do typical flight sims have you wishing for something simpler? A navigational arrow in the center of your radar screen tells you where to find your next target, while the screen itself shows the enemies around you.

Destroying certain enemies yields valuable power- u fly, you can take out a variety of air- and ground-based tar- gets. Destroying certain enemies yields valuable power- A winner in every way, Terminal ups, such as shield restoratives and afterburners.

And if Velocity is shareware that stands oi you miss that closed-in feeling, just dive into a tunnel. The moving walls and myriad enemies should keep even Descentophiles more than happy.

Then load up the registered version's high-res bitmaps for even more detail. The explosions are especially inspired, both visually and audibly. But in action games like this, fun is the object, and Terminal Velocity is a barrel of that stuff. You can even hook up with other players across a network or modem to add that human touch.

Once you give the shareware version a spin, just try not to immediately order the full commercial version. Even Microsoft is getting into the act; it will release a Windows 3. But why wait? Terminal Velocity is here now. Now startup Frontal Assaultware brings some of the fun to Mac-based strategy gamers.

Unit movement consists mostly of watching unit tokens dance around the screen to the repetitive strains of machine-gun fire and bomb blasts. Onslaught could also use more variety in the number and types of troops. At least Frontal Assaultware seems aware that Onslaught is only a first attempt. One thing's for sure: Onslaught gives the company a solid base from which to work.

Alex Trebek? That said, you will probably want to wait for the U. The original is based on real-life Japanese baseball, with its own players, announcers, and smaller stadiums. This ground-up rewrite of the computer version sends your multicharacter parties free- scrolling through darkened derelict spaceships in search of nightmarish monsters and the odd artifact.

The 3DO disc does a better job of linking the action and strategy elements, so that each now seems an extension of the other The result is like multiplayer Doom without the network. In this respect, each of the Big Three consoles seems be missing a little something. Consequently, you never feel entirely involved. It never tries to be anything else, and the game play mirrors the coin-op almost perfectly.

You conduct teams of as many as four agents on missions through isometric cityscapes. You then need to manage captured territories to extract the most cash without inciting rebellion. Howeveg Syndicate 3DO has not been improved so much as adjusted to work with a joypad. The blue shatter at a touch, the red are destroyed by your gun but contact is deadly , and the green can be demolished only by luring predatory yellow pyramids into them.

Purple ones turn into pits when shot, and it. A breeze to learn, a joy to play, and truly wicked in the higher levels. Not Jeopardy. In Ice-. Awesome, ain't it? That way, if your converter supports it, you can see what you're in both screens. External scan ers also include an AC-adapter to power the unit Most scan converters also include utilities to move and resize the image you see on the television.

These utilities let you tion the image to keep important information, such as menu bars, where you can see it The more expensive converters may also incorporate flicker-reduction techniques. This can save some strain on your eyes if you play for extended periods of time. Instead, you have to toggle between modes. But its design lets the GamePlayer TV draw power directly from your PC-no need to worry about AC adapters or finding another power outlet While the GamePlayer TV costs more more than three times as much than the Game Zapper, it offers such added features as flicker reduction, support for Even bet- 0, if you plan to play games only, you don't have to load any potentially troublesome drivers at all.

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John Untangling the World Wide We! But just as that phone call has to be routed through computers, switches, and a mammoth set of wires that you never see, the Web also works in the background, enabling you to get to where you want to go next How does it all happen? The two languages that —- are a basic prerequisite to any Web transaction are Unix, the operating system on which the Internet was built by the U. Both were devised with one primary thought in mind: openness. Not any more. If that was the case, the Internet would still be the sole province of the scientists and engineers who comprised its population 10 years ago.

This ease of use lets thousands of college students and other regular Joes create their own cool Web pages. This is software that sits on your machine, hooks into your SLIP or PPP connection, and translates the text and graphical information that comes across your Internet connection. The S. Lefties squeezed, modem speeds, and standards seized. Lefties Left Out I regerttfy'looked into buying a new joystick. I've seen yokes for both hands, and I have a CH Products Flightstick, which works great, but I would like something more.

Not only does it have a switch that lets you swap between left- and right-handed modes, 1 but its four control buttons are finding increasing support in such games as EA Sports NBA Live '95 and Accolade's Brett Hull Hockey ' Is it really worth my while to get one of the V34 And that means happier spouses and bigger bank accounts.

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PC or MPC? Just kidding. The Wish I had some good news for you, but like many industries, joystick makers pretty much overlook lefties. The reasons are economic, as usual.

Creating new molds and starting additional manufacturing runs just to produce a few left-handed joysticks doesn't make financial sense. So the lefties of the world have to go for an ambidextrous model such as your Flightstick or learn to deal with a right-handed joystick. The only standards that really count are your own.

While you could upgrade it to a or Pentium, you probably won't be able to salvage much. Unless you have a V. Save that for sure. A new machine will have components designed to work with the newer high-speed processors. Consider giving it to a local charity or school.

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  1. Lisbon b. Luis have formed Sci Fi Industries in after had been mentor and lead guitarist of several alterative and goth rock acts in Almada, nearby Lisbon.
  2. "Once again in a double dose, Thisco offers you a sample CD with the most inovative portuguese electronica and alternative music." please note: this release has the same cat# as another Thisco release (Sci Fi Industries-Dead People On Stylish Chairs) but /5(4).
  3. Listen to music from Sci Fi Industries like Bada and Pt Diagram. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Sci Fi Industries.
  4. Dec 01,  · Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits - Sci-Fi Channel - Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (this CD is number 3 in the series, methinks) is very much worth the money, and well put-together. out of 5 stars A Question. Reviewed in the United States on March 22, Love this album, but have a question: why does Amazon list the composer of "Jaws" as /5(9).
  5. grotbersjosthoddfessilk.idderremicawargazanpiekomsymplead.co This first installment of Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits opens, appropriately, with two famous pieces, " A Space Odyssey" (a.k.a. the prelude to Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra) and "Star Wars" (a.k.a. John Williams's variation on Holst's The Planets), and further mines film and TV history for interstellar grotbersjosthoddfessilk.idderremicawargazanpiekomsymplead.co of this stuff is predictable; different selections from films /5(15).
  6. Buy a CD or Vinyl record and get 90 days free Amazon Music Unlimited With the purchase of a CD or Vinyl record dispatched from and sold by Amazon, you get 90 days free access to the Amazon Music Unlimited Individual plan. After your purchase, you will receive an email with further information. Terms and Conditions apply. Learn more/5(27).
  7. At Entertainment Earth, we understand, and we have the toys, figurines, prop replicas, and tons of other cool stuff to bring back those sci-fi thrills and memories. Scoffers say the golden age for science fiction is 12, but we say no one outgrows fast-paced fun and wide-eyed wonder.

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