Anon: Alemande Est-ce Mars - Don Smithers, David Munrow - Courtly Masquing Ayres (Vinyl, LP, Album)

HTM 1;. English Music for the Virginal c. London VL ; cf. Deutsche Gramophon DV5 ;. Orgelmusik der Renaissance Vol. Tanzmusik aus Ungarn. Musique de danse de Hongrie. SAWT L ; 6. Irmensul: Cantigas S. Joseph A.

Thomas, Linda Marie Zaerr. Companions of St. Cecilia [The], Vol. Ronnie Apter, Anthony Bellow [? Accompanying book " Thomas, Paul de Cates. Gregory the Great Sanctus-Agnus Dei. Gregory the Great Introit. Gregory the Great Alleluias. Gregory the Great Offertory; Communion. Joseph: Fac nos innocuam Joseph. Gregory the Great Offertory-Communion. Numbering is mine: none on CD's or cases;.

Numbering is mine: none on CD's or cases; no perfs listed;. David E. Three Noble Strains [The] - Medieval and traditional music from northern Europe for harp, psaltery and lyre. Thomas Collier's, Earl of Essex's, Mr.

Henry Noel's Galliards; Almands. Klingende Kostbarkeiten aus Tirol The Boston Camerata [a. Music for Solo Recorder - Vol. Galleries - Medieval Mystery Tour. Tance Renesansowe, Niderlandy r. Dodeci padovane et altretante gagliarde. From 13th to 20th century [The Art of Mario Duschenes].

In Gottes Namen fahren wir - Vokal- und Instrumentalmusik des Musik alter Meister - Stettenfelser Burgkonzert. Werke der Renaissance- und Barockmusik: Simpson, T. Folia "Adorate Senor" Canario El Villancico Jam Christus Ab Inferis 2. Budzi Imya Tropus Super Regina 4. Gospodu 5. Song Of Eve 7. Les Pasteurs De La Judea 8. Brincan Y Bailan 9.

Christus Factus Est Virgen Madre Narrow Space Colovin Verdant Groves Staten Island The Hebrew Children Long Time Ago Nancy Wells The River Jordan Wondrous Love Tracklist: Disc 1: 1. Fantazies 3. Song Of The Kansquenet 5. Fortuna Desperata Der Hundt 6. Glogau Songbook: Christ Ist Erstanden 7. Motet, Si J'Aime 8. Two Organa Clausulae 9. Estampida Dance Mios Fueron Disc 2: 1. Din Di Rin Rin 2. Court Dance 3. Todo Me Casa 5. Chanson: Virgine Bella 6. Canzone Ricerare 7.

Egenolf Songbook: Entlaubet Ist Walde 8. Molendinum de Paris Topics: Early Music, Renaissance, Dance. Viderunt 2. In Seculum Viellatoris Hoquet 3. In Seculum Viellatoris 4. Maienzeit 5. Kalenda Maya 6. Sanctus Et Aeternus Deus 7. Alleluya - Alma Jam Ad Gaudia 8. En Amer A Douce Vie 9. I'Priego Amor De Toutes Flours O Maria Virgo Pia Ma Tredol Rosignol Almande Poussinghe Ronde - Hupfauf - Ronde Nichols Almand Staines Morris Dance 2.

Gagliarda "Belfiore" 3. German Dance II 5. Coranto 6. Gagliarda XI 7. Pavana Alla Ferrarese 8. Air Basse Danse Balleto E Corrente Balleto IV Heartsease Basse Danse "La Volunte" Bransle Watkins Ale Gagliarda X The Honiesuckle Saltarello La Traditore Saraband Ballet Music Mouret: Suite De Symphonies - Rondeau 2.

Holborne: 5 Pieces 3. Palestrina: Ricercar Del Primo Tuono 4. Priuli: Canzone Seconda A 6 5. Holborne: Elizabethan Dance Suite 7. Scheidt: Canzona Bergamasca 8. Anon: Two 15Th Century Fanfares 9. Albinoni: Suite In G - 1. Allegro Albinoni: Suite In G - 2. Grave Albinoni: Suite In G - 3. Bach: Trio Sonata In G - 1. Allegro Ma Non Tanto Bach: Trio Resonet In Laudibus - Fridolin Sicher 2. Optime Pastor - Heinrich Isaac 3. Beati Omnes - Ludwig Senfl 5. Christe Redemptor Omnium - Johann Stadlmayer 6.

Salve Regina - Paul Hofhaimer 9. Tristitia Vestra - Paul Hofhaimer Recordare, Virgo Mater - Paul Hofhaimer Veni Redemptor Gentum - Heinrich Finck Izaak Stern - Magical Half Dozen 3.

Max Lane - Preamble 6. Darkstar - Need You 7. Ikuma - Jealous dub 8. Club Ecstasy - Morning Glory 9. DIR - Techincolor Rubbish Circadian - Perhaps Quam pulchri sunt gressus tui - Alonso Lobo 2. Nunc dimitis octavi toni Motet: In Tua Memoria 3.

Plainsong: Salve Regina 4. Song: O Rosa Bella 5. Motet: Quam Pulchra Es 6. Hymn: Ave Maris Stella 7. Carol: Deo Gratias Anglia 9.

Basse Dance: La Spagna Plainsong Offertorium : Reges Tharsis Motet: Ave Regina Coelorum Song: Franc Cuer Gentil Plainsong: Alma Redemptoris Isorhythmic Motet: Veni Sancte Siritus Basse Dance: La Spagna Disc Benedicta es - Josquin des Prez 2. Vous l'arez s'il vous plaist - Josquin des Prez 3. Voud ne I'arez pas - Josquin des Prez 4. O virgo virginum - Josquin des Prez 6.

Nymphes nappees - Josquin des Prez 7. En l'ombre d'un buissonet - Josquin des Prez 8. Regretz sans fin - Josquin des Prez 9. Allegez Moy - Josquin des Prez Absolve quesumus - Josquin des Prez Pour souhaitter - Josquin des Prez Mille regretz - Josquin des Prez Praetorius: Terpsichore - Gavotte 3.

Praetorius: Terpsichore - Spagnoletta 28 4. Praetorius: Terpsichore - Ballet 6. Praetorius: Terpsichore - Volte 7. Widmann E : Musikalischer Tugendspiegel - Clara 9. Widmann E : Musikalischer Tugendspiegel - Magdalena Widmann E : Musikalischer Tugendspiegel - Agatha Widmann E Robinson Jr. Professor of Music about the first music publisher, and the performance of polyphony in the Renaissance. This out of print album contains a delightful suite of Renaissance and Baroque dances.

Many come from the Orchesography by Arbeau. While some of the arrangements may not be considered consistent with current research, they have been labeled by some musicologists as "Guilty pleasures". They are certainly lively and great pleasures. La Mourisque - Tielman Susato 2. Branle Quatre Bransles - Tielman Susato 3. Ronde And Salterelle - Tielman Susato 4. Ronde Mon Amy - Tielman Susato 5. Allemaigne And Recoupe - Tielman Susato 6. Pavane Mille Regretz - Tielman Susato 7. Danse Du Roy - Tielman Susato 9.

Ronde - Tielman Susato Pavane La Bataille - Tielman Susato Renaissance 2. Prayer 4. Eternal Flight 6.

Zima Golema 7. Raises 8. Look To The Future 9. Miserere - Allegri 2. Spem In Alium - Tallis 3. Artist : H. In , Karakasa Music dug this from the archives and it was remastered by the Sneakstep, Karakasa Music, Michel Schiralli, flac, lossless, audio, breakcore, house, idm, Source material did not include any artwork.

Big Sky Country 2. Renaissance 3. Cause We've Ended As Lovers 4. Come As You Are 5. Anything And Everything 6. Shine 7. In Your Arms 8. Spirit 9. The Sun Will Always Shine Cacoutra Leilani Mixomelodia Reunion Faith Source: CD.

A Lieta Vita Balletto 2. Il Ballerino Balletto 5. O Che Diletto Balletto 6. Paduana Del Re 7. La Robbata Canzona 8. O Dolce Vita Mia Villanesca 9. La Zambeccara Canzona Canzona For Two Lutes Piva - Joan Ambrosio Dalza 2. Aldi, dolce ben mio; Bona via faccia barca; Gentil madonna, del mio cor padrona - Filippo Azzaiolo 7. Donna, quando pietosa Arcadelt ; El travagliato Urban Legend 3. Jsa Freestyle 1 4. Stress No More 5. Marked For Death 6. Garden Of Eden 7. Protector 8.

Coke Rush 9. Shangri-La Jsa Freestyle 2 Opium Dreams Universal Situations Abaddon Pendulum '96 Source: CD. This out of print album is a set of Renaissance dances from the 14th to 16th century.

The recording was a Grand Prix du Disque winner. Topics: Renaissance music, Lionel Rogg. Renaissance Radio Edit 2. Renaissance Club Mix 4. Renaissance Album Version 5.

The once-obsolete vinyl record has seen a renaissance in the last eight years. But for Bloomington record stores, vinyl is nothing new. Angel Metro mix album version 2. Cinderella 3. Tender Heart 4. Dance the Night Away 5. Tonight 6. How Long 7. Wasted Time 9. Piece of My Heart It May Be the Water Here Is My Heart Angel boogieman remix-extended , bonus track Source: CD. Angel 2. Dance The Night Away 5. Don't You Ever Go Away 8. Piece Of My Heart It May Be The Water Branle 4.

L'Arboscello Ballo Furlano 5. Pavane Et Gaillarde 6. Tourdion, Pavane Et Gaillarde 8. Symphony of the Orient 2. Bosnian Suite for Orchestra 3. The Message, Suite for Orchestra 4. Sabah, for Soprano and Orchestra 5. The Gate 6. Piange Maria 7. Trotto 2. Nota 3. Lamento Di Tristan 4. Stantipes 5. Saltarello 6. Istampita Ghaetta 7. Molendinum De Paris 8. Alta Danza 9. Entre Vous Pavane - "The Battle" Allemande Praeambulum; Hayducky - Mikolai z Krakowa 4.

Fireman 4. Jungle City 5. Action Man 6. Big Mac 7. Diet 8. Food Fight Source: CD. Performer: Kgl. Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record.

They are 3. These were recorded flat and then also equalized with Turnover: The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L. Topics: 78rpm, Opera Source: Detroit 2. Redemption 3. February 4. Setembro Brazilian Wedding Song 6. Interlude: Nocturnal Mist 8. Revelation 9. Clean Tightrope Through the Stars 2. To Love You 4. Absolute Perfection 5. Ghost of Love 6. Broken Fixed 7. Carousel 8. Bathing me with a Kiss 9. Rainbows Corrupt me

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Courtly Masquing Ayres on Discogs. Label: London Records - STS • Series: Treasury Series • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue • Country: US • Genre: Classical • Style: Early. Don Smithers, David Munrow ‎– Courtly Masquing Ayres /5(2).
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